A few weeks ago, I was seated at my tying desk in my shop cranking out some Ausable Wulffs when I saw an old gentleman enter the door from out of the restaurant and start to come into the shop.

I watched as he walked slowly across the 40 feet to my desk. It took him about five minutes to get to my desk and when he finally got to me, I could see he was very old. He announced that he was 95 and had purchased flies from me 45 years previous when I first opened the shop.

He explained that he had purchased an Ausable Wulff then and said if he ever were able to fish again, he would use nothing but the Wulff. It was a wonderful compliment and I tied him a giant one and gave it to him as a momento of his past fishing days.

Finally, the conversation turned to old-time fly patterns -- the ones that my Dad and his many fly-fishing friends used when I was a lad. A couple of days ago, two more old-timers came in and asked for some of those same patterns. They purchased a few white millers, some small Coachmans and two March Brown wet flies. These were all popular patterns years ago and I waited anxiously to see how they had done when they returned later that day. They both caught a few trout and had a great day on the river, which proved once again that most of those old-time patterns still catch fish. Add to those mentioned above the Gray Hackle Peacock, the Queen of the Waters, the Professor, the Grizzly King and a few other patterns. I always have a few of these patterns on hand for those old timers who still cling to the memories of yesteryear.

This week, one of those old patterns, the white miller, has been producing some good catches. Hatches this week are the Hendricksons and Gray Caddis, but don't hesitate to try some of those old-time patterns while you're dreaming of trout from the old days.

Have a nice week. The river is in excellent condition and fishing is great.

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