With the warm weather, the first good hatch of mayflies to appear is the Hendrickson.

However, there is another hatch that comes off the slower sections of the streams much earlier. It's the little green sedge and the trout feed heavily on these little insects as they emerge. You will find them coming off during the midday and afternoon hours when the sun warms the surface. Certain sections of the rivers seem to draw the best hatches.

On the West Branch of the Ausable, you will find them coming off the water on the section around the old iron bridge, downstream of the Olympic ski jumps. They also emerge just above the Wilmington Dam in the slow water sections. This hatch usually lasts for about a week.

For those who tie your own, here is the pattern. Hook size 14, 16 or 18. Use hot orange or red 6/0 tying thread. First, wrap the body with green-dyed rabbit fur or Australian possum, tie in a sparse bit of dun-dyed rabbit hair from the foot, and then wrap peacock herl around the head, and end with a whip finish. This fly is deadly when fished on the surface with a slight twitching action. Because it's a tiny fly, use a 6X (two pound) leader. You will find these little sedges coming off various sections of the Ausable and Saranac alike.

For those awaiting the ice-out, you will be happy to hear that many of the lakes and ponds are already open. Good catches of fish have been taken from Lake Clear and Taylor Pond. A couple of six-pound fish were caught from Taylor Pond on Tuesday. Moose Pond is starting to break open and should be producing fish on the surface by the coming weekend. Gray Ghost, Green Ghosts, Hornburgs and Metukas work well along with Crystal Buggers and Mickey Finn streamers. Fish them with a stripping action for best results.

Most of the snow runoff will be over this week and look for the river levels to drop. Wading is still difficult, but the fishing of eddies along the bank and the backwater sections have been producing a few trout in the 18 to 20 inch range. A trophy 24-inch Brown was taken below the dam in Wilmington this past weekend. It was the largest fish taken so far this year that I've heard about.

This coming week should be the beginning of good fly-fishing season and everything points to another banner year.

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