MORIAH — The Moriah boys basketball team took home a 68-56 victory against Plattsburgh High in the championship game of Judy's Ninth-Annual Alzheimer's Awareness Boys Basketball Tournament, Sunday.

Bryce Sprague led the way for the Vikings with four three-point goals and a game-high 26 points.

Mike Rollins came away with 12 points, and Braden Swan and Maddox Blaise each scored 10 points for Moriah.

“Moriah had a very good first quarter, and PHS got into some early foul trouble,” Vikings coach Brian Cross said. “We got ahead by 20 and PHS battled back in the second half to cut it to 10 (points).”

The Hornets' Jaden Kalinowski registered 22 points and Kurt Ouellette added 12 points.

“It was a busy weekend for most of our players, with a football game on Friday and basketball on Saturday and Sunday,” Cross said. “Both teams played hard the entire game.”

Moriah 68, Plattsburgh High 56

Plattsburgh High (56)

DeTulleo 5-0-10, Kalinowski 8-3-22, Channell 2-0-4, Perkins 1-0-2, Garrant 3-0-6, Ouellette 5-2-12, M. King 0-0-0, Campbell 0-0-0. Totals- 24-5-56.

Moriah (68)

R. Swan 1-2-5, Diehl 0-1-1, Rollins 5-2-12, Petro 2-0-4, Blaise 5-0-10, B. Swan 3-3-10, Sprague 9-4-26, Rohrer 0-0-0. Totals- 25-12-68.

Halftime- Moriah 38-27.

3 point goals- Moriah (6) R. Swan, B. Swan, Sprague 4. Plattsburgh High (3) Kalinowski 3.




The Indians defeated the Sentinels in the consolation game of the Alzheimer's Awareness Tournament.

“I am so excited for our kids and our program,” Peru coach Joe Mazzella said. “This is a huge step forward for us to get over the hump, and it feels really good to split the weekend.”

Sam Godfrey led the Indians with a game-high 16 points, and Austin Rock (9) and Jacob Burgette (8) combined for 17 points for Peru.

Wyatt Premore also added seven points for the Indians.

“We lost a tough one last night to a very talented Moriah team, and we responded (Sunday),” Mazzella said. “Sammy was fantastic for us today finishing around the basket, and Austin Rock was great for us all weekend on defense and the boards.”

The Indians held only a one-point lead at halftime and managed to pull ahead in the remaining half of the game.

“Coach Defayette had his kids ready to play today and he did a good job,” Mazzella said. “His kids played hard.”

Brock Huestis led Ticonderoga with 10 points, and Thomas Belden and Braden Perry each scored seven points for the Sentinels.

“We will enjoy this and the boost for our program, but (today) we are all eyes on a talented Plattsburgh High team,” Mazzella said.

Peru 48, Ticonderoga 37

Ticonderoga (37)

Tierney 1-1-3, Ott 2-1-6, Perry 2-0-5, Benedict 1-0-2, Belden 2-3-7, Huestis 7-0-14. Totals- 15-5-37.

Peru (48)

Premore 2-2-7, Rock 4-1-9, Burgette 3-0-8, Carlo 1-0-3, Godfrey 7-2-16, Bartholomew 1-0-2, Guay 1-0-3. Totals- 19-5-48.

Halftime- Peru 20-19.

3 point goals- Peru (5) Premore, Burgette 2, Carlo, Guay. Ticonderoga (2) Ott, Perry.




Bryce Sprague led the Vikings in their first-round defeat of the Indians with 27 points.

Will Rohrer (11) and Maddox Blaise (8) combined for 18 points for Moriah.

“Good start to the season considering the football season ended Friday at the Carrier Dome for 11 of our kids,” Moriah coach Brian Cross said. “They are tough and work hard.”

Peru's Caeden Carlo had a team-high 13 points, and Austin Rock chipped in with nine points for the Indians.

“Peru played hard the entire game, they are young,” Cross said. “They got close in the third quarter and battled to get back.”

Cody Petro had six rebounds for the Vikings, and Moriah led at halftime, 27-20.

“Overall good season opener-looking forward to the rest of the season,” Cross said.

Moriah 56, Peru 43

Peru (43)

Varno 0-0-0, Premore 0-0-0, Rock 3-3-9, Burgette 0-0-0, Carlo 4-1-13, Godfrey 4-0-8, Loefman 0-0-0, Bartholomew 0-0-0, Breen 1-0-2, Guay 3-0-7, Manchester 2-0-4. Totals- 17-4-43.

Moriah (56)

R. Swan 0-0-0, Diehl 1-0-2, Demarais 0-0-0, Rollins 2-2-6, Petro 1-0-2, Blaise 4-0-8, Sprague 11-5-27, Rohrer 4-3-11. Totals- 22-10-56.

Halftime- Moriah 27-20.

3 point goals- Peru (5) Carlo 4, Guay.



Jaden Kalinowski picked up 24 points in the Hornets' victory over the Sentinels.

Riley Channell (16) and Dylan Garrant (15) combined for 31 points for Plattsburgh.

Ticonderoga's Colton Huestis had a team-high 14 points, and Thomas Belden chipped in eight points.

The Hornets led 48-25 at halftime.

“We played with great energy on offense and defense the entire game,” Plattsburgh coach Chris Hartmann said.

Plattsburgh High 86, Ticonderoga 39

Plattsburgh High (86)

DeTulleo 4-0-8, Kalinowski 10-3-24, Channell 7-1-16, Perkins 2-1-5, Garrant 7-0-15, Ouellette 3-0-6, M. King 4-0-8, Campbell 2-0-4. Totals- 39-5-86.

Ticonderoga (39)

Tiernay 1-0-3, Ott 2-1-5, Molina 1-0-3, Perry 1-0-2, Benedict 2-0-4, Belden 2-3-8, Stonitsch 0-0-0, Alkinburg 0-0-0, Huestis 6-1-14. Totals- 15-5-39.

Halftime- Plattsburgh High 48-25.

3 point goals- Plattsburgh High (3) Kalinowski, Channell, Garrant. Ticonderoga (4) Tiernay, Molina, Belden, Huestis.





Bryan Claudio recorded a game-high 25 points in the Cougars' victory over the Warriors.

Regan Arnold led Willsboro with 12 points and Jared Ball chipped in six points.

“The communication was a lot better (Saturday),” Northeastern Clinton coach Luke Connell said. “We played a better game, and I was pleased with the team's effort.”

Mason Supernaw came through with 10 points for the Cougars, and Stephan Garrow picked up six points.

Northeastern Clinton had a sizable lead at halftime by outscoring the Indians, 24-7.

Northeastern Clinton 52, Willsboro 29

Willsboro (29)

Arnold 2-6-12, Reithel 1-1-4, Cassavaugh 0-0-0, Ball 3-0-6, King 0-0-0, Sweatt 0-1-1, King 1-2-4, Gough 1-0-2, Frechette 0-0-0. Totals- 8-10-29.

Northeastern Clinton (52)

Claudio 10-0-25, Supernaw 4-0-10, Gilbo 2-0-4, Molinski 0-0-0, Trudo 1-2-5, Thompson 1-0-2, Gero 0-0-0, Garrrow 3-0-6. Totals- 21-2-52.

Halftime- Northeastern Clinton 24-7.

3 point goals- Northeastern Clinton (8) Claudio 5, Supernaw 2, Trudo 1. Willsboro (3) Arnold 2, Reithel.



Jared Duquette and Cogan Johnston each scored 12 points in the Chiefs' victory over the Red Raiders.

“Connor Recore had 10 rebounds and six assists, Jared Duquette had eight rebounds and Cogan Johnston also had a strong game on both ends,” Saranac coach Mike Recore said. “Despite our poor shooting we were able to hang on and pull out the victory.”

Moriah's Adam Peets recorded a game-high 13 points, and Zachary LaBarge and Chris McGregor each scored eight points for the Red Raiders.

Recore also contributed 10 points and Jack Mather added six points for the Chiefs.

“Another strong team effort early in the season,” Recore said. “We will definitely build on this and get back to work this week to prepare for our next game Saturday versus Whitesboro at North Warren High School.”

Saranac 49, Massena 46

Massena (46)

LaBarge 4-0-8, Greco 1-0-2, Barney 0-6-6, C. Mcgregor 3-2-8, Herrick 2-1-5, Peets 5-0-13, Firnstein 1-2-4. Totals- 16-11-46.

Saranac (49)

Dessureault 0-0-0, Burns 1-0-3, Mather 3-0-6, Hebert 1-1-4, Recore 5-0-10, Duquette 5-1-12, Johnston 4-4-12, Pierce 1-0-2. Totals- 20-6-49.

Halftime- Saranac 28-16.

3 point goals- Saranac (3) Burns, Hebert, Duquette. Massena (3) Peets 3.





Kya McComb led the Cougars to victory with a a game-high 19 points.

“The girls had a good opening weekend,” Northeastern Clinton coach Robb Garrand said. “Marlie Sample, Audi Hollister, and Kya McComb were great leaders.”

Marlie Sample (11) and Audi Hollister (10) were also high-scorers for the Cougars and combine for 21 points.

The Chiefs' Sydney Myers finished with a team-high 11 points, and Payton Couture came through with 10 points for Saranac.

“For Saranac, Payton Couture and Sydney Myers were tough around the basket,” Garrand said. “Kayla Myers did not score, however (she) plays great defense and can disrupt a lot of our offensive movement with her speed and grit.”

Northeastern Clinton narrowly led 24-23 at halftime, but cushioned their lead in the second half of the game.

“Overall, a great team effort with all the girls having good moments over the weekend,” Garrand said. “We still have a lot of work ahead, however proud of their efforts.”

Northeastern Clinton 49, Saranac 34

Northeastern Clinton (49)

McComb 7-0-19, Hollister 4-1-10, M.Sample 4-1-11, B. Sample 3-3-9, Br. LaFountain 0-0-0, Ba. LaFountain 0-0-0, Prairie 0-0-0, Guerin 0-0-0, Goodrow 0-0-0. Totals-18-5-49.

Saranac (34)

Mulverhill 1-0-2, Patterson 0-0-0, Parker 0-0-0, Liberty 2-0-6, S. Myers 4-3-11, K. Myers 0-0-0, Denis 1-0-3, Reil 1-0-2, Couture 4-2-10. Totals- 13-5-34.

Halftime- Northeastern Clinton 24-23.

3 point goals- Northeastern Clinton (8) McComb 5, Hollister, M. Sample 2. Saranac (3) Denis, Liberty 2.






The boys basketball Warriors fell to Argyle in a non-league game Friday.

Wells' Byron Stuart led the way with a team-high 25 points, and Tyler Bolebruch chipped in 12 points for the Warriors.

Argyle's Lufkin finished with a game-high 28 points, and Argyle led at halftime, 42-21.

Raymond Mismanga (6), Daniel Johnson (5) and Matt Richards (5) combined for 16 points for Wells.

Argyle 91, Wells 57

Wells (57)

Johnson 2-0-5, Mismanga 3-0-6, Bolebruch 5-0-12, Stuart 6-8-25, Richards 2-0-5, Ward 2-0-4, Koniszewski 0-0-0. Totals- 20-8-57.

Argyle (91)

Lufkin 10-6-28, Flander 7-0-15, Liddle 7-0-19, Humiston 2-2-6, Frost 5-0-15, Wood 1-0-2, Montello 1-0-2, Jarvis 2-0-4. Totals- 35-8-91.

Halftime- Argyle 42-21.

3 point goals- Wells (9) Stuart 5, Johnson, Bolebruch 2, Richards. Argyle (13) Lufkin 2, Flander, Liddle 5, Frost 5.




The Indians fell to Galway in a non-conference game Saturday.

Carter Scribner led the Golden Eagles with a game-high 16 points, and Carson Scribner and Bredan Shader each scored 14 points for Galway.

Peru's Byron Stuart came through with 13 points and Matt Richards registered 10 points.

Galway pulled ahead in the second quarter to make the score 40-25 and held at least a 15-point lead for the rest of the game.

Galway 65, Wells 43

Galway (65)

Shader 5-3-14, Cars. Scribner 4-6-14, Cart. Scribner 5-3-16, Lovelass 1-4-6, Pleasants 2-0-5, Kenyon 3-0-8, Friederich 1-0-2. Totals- 21-16-65.

Wells (43)

Johnson 2-0-5, Bolebruch 3-1-9, Beach 0-1-1, Stuart 5-1-13, Richards 3-1-10, Ward 1-0-2, O'Rourke 1-0-3.

Halftime- Galway 40-25.

3 point goals- Wells (9) Johnson, Bolebruch 2, Stuart 2, Richards 3, O'Rourke. Galway (7) Shader, Cart. Scribner 3, Pleasants, Kenyon 2.



The Bobcat's Cody Lambert was busy on the court with 20 points, 15 rebounds and seven steals in the consolation game of the Brady Frazier Memorial tournament in St. Regis.

Lucas Smart accounted for 14 points and eight rebounds for Northern Adirondack.

The Colts' Matt Duvall (7) and Michael Schwartfigure (9) combined for 16 points.

NAC took a 39-22 lead with with 1:19 left in the third quarter after turning up the defensive pressure out of halftime, but Colton-Pierrepont continued to fight back before finally losing to the Bobcats.

Northern Adirondack 48, Colton-Pierrepont 38

Northern Adirondack (48)

Bergeron 1-0-2, Smart 5-2-14, Guerin 1-2-5, Murphy 0-0-0, Coryea 0-1-1, Lambert 8-3-20, LaValley 3-0-6. Totals- 18-8-48.

Colton-Pierrepont (38)

LaPierre 2-0-6, Duvall 3-1-7, Ti. Farns 1-0-2, Te. Farns 3-0-6, Schwartfigure 2-5-9, Besio 2-0-4, Fisher 1-0-2, Rousell 0-2-2. Totals-14-8-38.

Halftime- Northern Adirondack 28-16.

3 point goals- Northern Adirondack (4) Smart 2, Lambert, Guerin. Colton-Pierrepont (2) LaPierre 2.

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