Barton VanLeuvan held off Mark Wallis in Sunday's second round to defend his men's Championship Flight title in the North Country Golf Club's Club Championships.

VanLeuvan, who carded a 69 in Saturday's first round, shot a 77 in the rain Sunday for a two-day total of 146. That was good enough for a one-stroke victory over Wallis, who shot 73 Sunday for a 74-73-147 total.

The women's Championship Flight went to Caroline Hayes by 10 strokes over Kathy Ashline and Kathy Barcomb. Hayes, who trailed Ashline by one stroke going into play on Sunday, finished with an 81-81-162 total.

Ashline ended up with an 80-92-172 and Barcomb an 85-87-172.

The men's A Flight crown went to Jaimie Gadway, who led from start to finish with a 72-80-152, seven strokes over his nearest pursuer.

Kyle Gadway did the same in the men's B Flight with a 10-stroke victory as he fashioned an 86-80-166 for his two days. Bill Buley's 95-96-191 won the men's C Flight by four strokes.

The men's senior Championship Flight crown went to Dick Cole with a 77-81-158, which was four strokes better than Robert Barnes' 80-82-162.

David Valenze, with an 86-91-177, won the senior A Flight by one stroke over Edward Slominski, and C. James Forkey the senior B Flight championship with an 80-83-163, which was 11 strokes better than the second-place finisher.

Mary Jo Jobert won the women's A Flight with a 98-96-194 total.

NCGC Club Championships

Two-day results


Championship Flight

Barton VanLeuvan       69-77-146

Mark Wallis       74-73-147

Cody Roberts       73-76-149

Dennie Laporte       75-74-149

Chris Welch      75-75-150

Chad Welch      77-74-151

Cody O'Brian       75-78-153

Tom Raville      79-75-154

Tom Reid      75-81-156

Dan Letourneau       77-81-156

David Kokes       83-75-158

David Ashline       76-83-159

Steven Labombard      74-88-162

Devan Ashline       83-81-164

Steve Young       84-84-168

Nolan Reid       89-91-180

Bryan MacKinnon      NC

Connor Jubert      NC

Jeffrey Bouyea      NC

A Flight

Jaimie Gadway       72-80-152

Daniel Jacques       74-85-159

Larry Brown       79-82-161

Jason Favro      87-78-165

Jean Birtz       83-86-169

Jerry Deyo       83-91-174

Lee Jubert       84-90-174

Todd Hebert      91-95-186

Peter Wynnik       97-90-187

Keith McKanick       NC

Tom Harrigan      NC

Serge Petelle       NC

B Flight

Kyle Gadway      86-80-166

Al Kaufman       90-86-176

John Landry       91-88-179

Cory Thompson       85-96-181

J.R. Davenport      91-94-185

Tim McDonough       103-94-197

Todd Blanchard      93-111-204

Gary Romanchuk       NC

C Flight

Bill Buley       95-96-191

Richard Rogers      103-92-195

Raymond Larocque       102-104-206


Championship Flight

Dick Cole      77-81-158

Robert Barnes      80-82-162

Joe Favro      80-87-167

A Seniors

David Valenze       86-91-177

Edward Slominski       83-95-178

B Seniors

C. James Forkey       80-83-163

Gilles Toupin      90-84-174

Bruce Lavalley       85-93-178

Larry Labarge       85-94-179

Gerald Linney       86-96-182

Robert Gilbert       90-93-183

Milton Rabideau      92-92-184

Maurice Marsolais       84-94-188

Chet LaValley       84-99-193

Richard Beauregard       99-98-197

Vaughn Button      95-105-200

Wayne LaBarge      NC


Championship Flight

Caroline Hayes       81-81-162

Kathy Ashline       80-92-172

Kathy Barcomb       85-87-172

Sue Bechard       88-89-177

Anne Bouyea       89-91-180

Joy Laporte       87-95-182

Jessica VanLeuvan       103-110-213

A Flight

Mary Jo Jubert      98-96-194

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