North Stars' Jordon Keleher dodges an Amsterdam defender in Plattsburgh's second win of the season three weeks ago. Plattsburgh, 4-0, will host the Quebec Titans Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at Melissa Penfield Park.

PLATTSBURGH -- You know a quarterback is happy when he refers to his receiver situation as "heaven."

Plattsburgh North Stars' quarterback Kellen Nolan knows the feeling.

With a surplus of talented wideouts at his disposal, as well as running backs who can catch out of the backfield on a consistent basis, Nolan is quite content with his situation.

"It makes my job a lot easier," he said. "I can make a five-yard pass and they turn it into a 80-yard run, you know?"

Yes Kellen, we know -- 10 touchdowns to six different receivers in just four games is evidence enough.

In fact, the six different receivers' part is more important than the 10 combined touchdowns they scored, because depth will become more and more important down the stretch.

Last weekend was proof.

The absence of the team's then-leading receivers, Matt St. Clair, Kelly Gordon and running back Brandon Keleher, in last week's game against Ottawa put the Stars' depth to the test.

And needless to say, it passed.

Nolan connected with Chris Verkey and Jordon Keleher for their first touchdowns of the season, and hit tight end Trevor St. Clair in the end zone as well, helping the team to a 34-17 win over the Deacon Demons.

With all six mentioned players, fullback Kyle Nolan, and all-purpose back Heath Geiser returning to the lineup from an injury, the mix is a lot for a defense to handle -- especially with the improved offensive line.

The team has the ability to run four wide receivers, allowing Nolan to take his pick.

And the most important part is, there really isn't a bad option.

We're deadly at receiver," he said. "Everybody's about the same skill level."

Nolan treats the offense like it does have so many options at receiver, and therefore, no one can really say that they don't get their respective touches of the football.

He also insists that it doesn't matter who gets the ball when anyway, as long as the team keeps adding to its win total.

"There's no give me the ball' from anyone," he said. "As long as we're winning games, everyone's happy.

"I think besides Matt (St. Clair), everyone's getting the ball pretty evenly. As long as we're winning, everyone is fine."

St. Clair, despite missing the last game, leads the team in receptions, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns.

But the return of a seven-year veteran could take the offense to yet another level.

Geiser's return to the lineup should bolster its diverse play-calling, as he brings yet another dynamic to the already diverse group of skill-position players.

His outside speed contrasts well with (Kyle) Nolan and (Brandon) Keleher's ability to run inside, and his receiving ability makes the opportunity for a big play that much more prevalent.

"We're averaging 34 points a game, so there's no question that we can score points," Nolan said.

It's been so far, so good for the Stars' offense, and only time will tell if it can maintain the high level that it is currently producing at.

But as for now, as Nolan says, "It's awesome."

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