North Country matmen take part in weekend tourneys

PERU — The Nighthawks’ wrestling squad was able to pull out the first place finish at the 53rd Annual Peru Wrestling Tournament, Saturday, in Peru.

Peru’s 134 total team points were enough to push them over AuSable Valley with 127 points and Massena with 125 points.

Coach David Thomas said it was fellow Nighthawks coach Gary Edwards’ 45th season coaching, and he was happy with the team’s performance.

“I was elated to see the team rally together to pull out the win,” Thomas said.


In the 102 pound class, AuSable Valley’s Jayden Burgess secured second place.

For the 110-pounders, Gavin Morrow took home third place for AuSable Valley, while Keagan Trim of Peru took sixth.

Logan Trim of Peru won in the 118-pound first place match.

The Patriots’ Alex Martin got third and the Nighthawks’ Max Jess got sixth in the 126-pound class.

In the 132 class, Kadin Johnson of Peru took first place, and Jon Fletcher of AuSable Valley took third.

For 138 pounds, Peru’s Ethan Dickinson took third while AuSable Valley’s AJ Swetson took fifth.

In the 145-pound weight class, Will Sprague of AuSable Valley finished in fifth place

Dom LaPier took first place for the Patriots in the 160-pound class, while Nathan Mitchell of Peru took fourth for 172.

Ryan Robinson of Peru finished second in the 189-pound class, and Warren Prey of AuSable Valley finished third.

Parker Liberty finished on top, giving Peru some points in the 215 class, while David Rock finished in fourth for AuSable Valley.

Patriot Zach McLean finished in third and Nighthawk Bryce Wiggins finished fourth for the 285-pounders.

Team Scores

1st Place- Peru, 134 Points

2nd Place- AuSable Valley, 127 Points

3rd Place- Massena, 125 Points

102 Class

Guaranteed Places

1st Place- Murray (Massena)

2nd Place- Burgess (AVCS)

1st Place Match- Murray (Massena) won by decision over Burgess (AVCS), 7-2.

110 Class

Guaranteed Places

1st Place- Duffy (Colchester)

2nd Place- J. Losee (Shenendehowa)

3rd Place- Morrow (AVCS)

4th Place- Hozanovic (La Salle Institute)

5th Place- Jarrett (Massena)

6th Place- K. Trim (Peru)

1st Place Match- Duffy (Colchester) pinned Losee (Shenendehowa), 3:06.

3rd Place Match- Morrow (AVCS) beat Hozanovic (LSI) by decision, 12-0.

5th Place Match- Jarrett (Massena) won by forfeit over K. Trim (Peru).

118 Class

Guaranteed Places

1st Place- L. Trim (Peru)

2nd Place- Rabideau (Malone)

3rd Place- Boenau (La Salle Institute)

1st Place Match- L. Trim (Peru) pinned Rabideau (Malone), 1:55.

3rd Place Match- Boenau (LSI) received a bye.

126 Class

Guaranteed Places

1st Place- A. Losee (Shenendehowa)

2nd Place- Doloughty (Colchester)

3rd Place- Martin (AVCS)

4th Place- Wall (OFA)

5th Place- White (Malone)

6th Place- Jess (Peru)

1st Place Match- A. Losee (Shenendehowa) beat Doloughty (Colchester) by decision, 10-1.

3rd Place Match- Martin (AVCS) pinned Wall (OFA), 2:02.

5th Place Match- White (Malone) pinned Jess (Peru), 2:07.

132 Class

Guaranteed Places

1st Place- Johnson (Peru)

2nd Place- Whalen (La Salle Institute)

3rd Place- Fletcher (AVCS)

4th Place- Coppins (Colchester)

1st Place Match- Johnson (Peru) pinned Whalen (LSI), 1:26.

3rd Place Match- Fletcher (AVCS) beat Coppins (Colchester) by decision, 9-5.

138 Class

Guaranteed Places

1st Place- Downey (OFA)

2nd Place- Leavey (Shenendehowa)

3rd Place- Dickinson (Peru)

4th Place- Lettieri (La Salle Institute)

5th Place- Swetson (AVCS)

6th Place- Pearsall (Malone)

1st Place Match- Downey (OFA) pinned Leavey (Shenendehowa), 5:51.

3rd Place Match- Dickinson (Peru) pinned Lettieri (LSI), 3:52.

5th Place Match- Swetson (AVCS) pinned Pearsall (Malone), 1:43.

145 Class

Guaranteed Places

1st Place- Hardy (Massena)

2nd Place- Martin (Malone)

3rd Place- Dimonda (Shenendehowa)

4th Place- Martel (Colchester)

5th Place- Sprague (AVCS)

6th Place- Hartman (La Salle Institute)

1st Place Match- Hardy (Massena) won by decision over Martin (Malone)

3rd Place Match- Dimonda (Shenendehowa) pinned Martel (Colchester), 0:46.

5th Place Match- Sprague (AVCS) pinned Hartman (LSI), 1:43.

152 Class

Guaranteed Places

1st Place- Lavoie (Colchester)

2nd Place- Cobb (Shenendehowa)

3rd Place- Peck (Malone)

4th Place- Ferriero (Massena)

5th Place- Lovely (La Salle Institute)

1st Place Match- Lavoie (Colchester) pinned Cobb (Shenendehowa), 2:57.

3rd Place Match- Peck (Malone) won by forfeit over Ferriero (Massena)

5th Place Match- Lovely (LSI) received a bye.

160 Class

Guaranteed Places

1st Place- Dom LaPier (AVCS)

2nd Place- Calton (OFA)

3rd Place- NeJaime (La Salle Institute)

4th Place- Port (Colchester)

5th Place- Fribourg (Shenendehowa)

6th Place- Jenson (Massena)

1st Place Match- LaPier (AVCS) won by decision over Calton (OFA), 9-1.

3rd Place Match- NeJaime (LSI) pinned Port (Colchester), 2:52.

5th Place Match- Fribourg (Shenendehowa) beat Jenson (Massena) by decision, 6-5.

172 Class

Guaranteed Places

1st Place- Hutton (La Salle Institute)

2nd Place- Carter (Malone)

3rd Place- Lamphere (Colchester)

4th Place- Mitchell (Peru)

5th Place- Green (Massena)

6th Place- Cooksey (OFA)

1st Place Match- Hutton (LSI) beat Carter (Malone)

3rd Place Match- Lamphere (Colchester) beat Mitchell (Peru) by decision, 6-0.

5th Place Match- Green (Massena) beat Cooksey (OFA) by decision, 12-0.

189 Class

Guaranteed Places

1st Place- Gordon (Massena)

2nd Place- Robinson (Peru)

3rd Place- Prey (AVCS)

1st Place Match- Gordon (Massena) pinned Robinson (Peru), 1:17.

3rd Place Match- Prey (AVCS) received a bye.

215 Class

Guaranteed Places

1st Place- Liberty (Peru)

2nd Place- Janikas (Shenendehowa)

3rd Place- Rourke (Massena)

4th Place- Rock (AVCS)

1st Place Match- Liberty (Peru) pinned Janikas (Shenendehowa), 4:50.

3rd Place Match- Rourke (Massena) pinned Rock (AVCS), 1:48.

285 Class

Guaranteed Places

1st Place- Gamble (Massena)

2nd Place- Fountain (Malone)

3rd Place- McLean (AVCS)

4th Place- Wiggins (Peru)

5th Place- Resmer (Colchester)

1st Place Match- Gamble (Massena) beat Fountain (Malone) by decision, 3-0.

3rd Place Match- McLean (AVCS) pinned Wiggins (Peru), 4:13.

5th Place Match- Resmer (Colchester) received a bye.


WARRENSBURG — Beekmantown recently competed in the Warrensburg Duals, and was able to finish in third place.

Home team Warrensburg took home the first place finish, followed by Hudson Falls.

The Eagles’ squad won against Whitehall Central, Maple Hill Central and Essex Junction, but fell to Hudson Falls and Warrensburg.

Three Beekmantown matmen went undefeated in the tournament. Jack Brown of the 118 class, Sawyer Bell of the 138 class and Cornal Brinson of the 160 class.

Team Results 

1st Place- Warrensburg

2nd Place- Hudson Falls

3rd Place- Beekmantown

Beekmantown Dual Results

Beekmantown 60, Whitehall Central 18

Beekmantown 54, Maple Hill Central 22

Beekmantown 54, Essex Junction 12

Hudson Falls 51, Beekmantown 15

Warrensburg 54, Beekmantown 23

Beekmantown Individual Results

102 Class

Matthew Desotell, 3-1

110 Class

Jacob Lagree, 2-3

118 Class

Jack Brown, 3-0

Christian Nelson, 1-1

126 Class

Alan Frost-Jones, 3-2

132 Class

Jacob Magiera, 1-4

138 Class

Sawyer Bell, 5-0

145 Class


152 Class

Alexander Harrington, 2-3

160 Class

Cornal Brinson, 5-0

172 Class

David Lavarnway, 3-2

189/215 Class

Matthew Lewandowski, 2-3

Alex Hall, 3-2

285 Class

Connor Bushey, 4-1


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