PLATTSBURGH -- Trevor Batchelder will be shooting for a third straight singles title this weekend in the Section VII Tennis Championships in Plattsburgh.

Play, which began Thursday afternoon with some preliminary-round matches, continues today and Friday, starting at 9 a.m. both days. The Plattsburgh High tennis courts will be the hub of activity with college courts also pressed in service.

Northeastern Clinton has both defending singles champions in Batchelder and Alexis Wrye. Batchelder is the top seed while Wrye is seeded third in girls' singles behind Seton Catholic's Mary McAuliffe and Plattsburgh's Kim Jones.

Anthony Changelo, who lost to teammate Batchelder in the last two section finals, returns, but as the No. 7 seed. Beekmantown's Adam Shearer, who finished third a year ago, is the second seed. Will Harris, the No. 4 seed, made the switch to singles this spring after winning the doubles title with PHS teammate John Curle in 2007.

Curle returns and is now paired with Fredrick Ritter as the top seed in boys' doubles. Lake Placid's Matt Moccia and Mike Gorbenko have emerged as the top threats to the PHS pair; however, Ryan Gaudreau and Eithne McCarthy, the third seeds from NCCS, made it to last year's finals where they dropped a three-setter to Curle and Harris.

Plattsburgh's Elle Rathbun and Emily Higgins, who also lost in three sets in the '07 finals, are the top seeds in girls' doubles.

The Section VII championships this weekend will determine the representatives for the state tournament next weekend. The Section VII team playoffs will begin on Monday.

Section VII

Boys' singles


1, Trevor Batchelder (NCCS). 2, Adam Shearer (B'town). 3, Alex Hall (LP). 4, Will Harris (PHS). 5, Hayden Frechette (PHS). 6, Reinhart Meisenheimer (SC). 7, Anthony Changelo (NCCS). 8, Pavel Smrcka (Peru).


Adam Shearer (B'town). Trevor Batchelder (NCCS).

First round

Donnie Miller (Unified) vs. Alex Munn (Peru). Charles Payson (B'town) vs. Brenton Murphy (AVC). Jordan Marks (NCCS) vs. Reinhart Meisenheimer (SC). Alex Hall (LP) vs. Joey Spear (NAC). Cody Guay (NCCS) vs. Matt Hamilton (AVC).

Cortland Mowery (Unified) vs. Chris Barnes (B'town). Mark Kascak (Peru) vs. Hayden Frechette (PHS). Pavel Smrcka (Peru) vs. Robert Lazer (PHS). Tanner Plishka (AVC) vs. Devin Kapper (Unified). Dylan Smith (LP) vs. Park Jan Bin (SC). Jordan LaFave (NAC) vs. Will Harris (PHS). Anthony Changelo (NCCS) vs. Kendrick Duchala (PHS). Tim Walsh (B'town) vs. Patrick Duprey (AVC). Eric Mitchell (Unified) vs. Forest Ryan (NAC).

Boys' doubles


1, John Curle and Frederick Ritter (PHS). 2, Matt Moccia and Mike Gorbenko (LP). 3, Ryan Gaudreau and Eithne McCarthy (NCCS). 4, Alex Fregeau and Kyle Kirby (SC). 5, Kevin Devins and Dustin Farrell (AVC). 6, Sean Dennin and Evan Knox (LP). 7, Tyler Tetreault and Dylan Castine (NCCS). 8, Max Recny and Brendon Heipel (AVC).


Sean Dennin and Evan Knox (LP). Ryan Gaudreau and Eithne McCarthy (NCCS) Kevin Devins and Dustin Farrell (AVC). Alex Fregeau and Kyle Kirby (SC). Tyler Tetreault and Dylan Castine (NCCS). Matt Moccia and Mike Gorbenko (LP).

First round

Michael Mitsoglou and Marco Kniesel (PHS) vs. Ian Stiles and Lucas Marchiori (B'town). Nate Whitten and Judd Collier (B'town) vs. Dalton Mitchell and Josh Bechore (Sar). Tristan Parrotte and Ian Castler (Peru) vs. Chris Briddell and Dalton Mitchell (Sar).

Joey Englebrecht and D. Poissant (NCCS) vs. Jack Nardiello and Marcus Moles (LP). Matt Carter and Tyler Drake (NAC) vs. James Ford and Baha Hafizov (AVC). Nick Sorrell and Andrew VanDenBusch (SC) vs. Ashton Momot and James Bishop (B'town). Brian Marlow and Alex Shin (B'town) vs. Addison Mehr and Alan Ware (Unified).

Second round

John Curle and Frederick Ritter (PHS) vs. Steve Rock and Scott Maynard (Sar).

Girls' singles


1, Mary McAuliffe (SC). 2, Kim Jones (PHS). 3, Alexis Wrye (NCCS). 4, Anne Rabideau (SC). 5, Chelsea McKiernan (Unified). 6, Annette Liem (PHS). 7, Julie Moore (LP). 8, Courtney Difiore (AVC).

First round

Marie Andersen (LP) vs. Amanda Prenoveau (PHS). Kelsey Carroll (Unified) vs. Rachel Leitsch (Sar). Tiffany Gould (NAC) vs. Cassie Jones (Unified). Kaelyn Scott (NAC) vs. Veronica Gaspar (LP). Denise King (NAC) vs. Chelsea Varin (B'town). Chelsea Goodwin (NAC) vs. Maja Vucelic (PHS). Kelsey Barnes (B'town) vs. Jaylyn Tender (AVC). Melanie Boudreau (Peru) vs. Arielle Retrosi (LP).

Second round

Mary McAuliffe (SC) vs. Rebecca Osborne (Peru). Alisa Thatsanauwan (Sar). Claudine Courson (AVC) vs. Carroll/Leitsch winner. Sarah Slater (NCCS) vs. Chelsea McKiernan (Unified). Alexis Wrye (NCCS) vs. Amanda Forey (NCCS). Roshell Gist (Sar) vs. Gould/C. Jones winner. Alisala Thatsanauwan (Sar) vs. Scott/Gaspar winner. Renee Egan (SC) vs. Annette Liem (PHS).

Julie Moore (LP) vs. Brittany Lapham (B'town). Emily Carlin (B'town) vs. King/Varin winer. Maggie Nicola (LP) vs. Goodwin/ Vucelic winner. Katy Rendinaro (Peru) vs. Anna Rabideau (SC). Courtney Difiore (AVC) vs. Stephanie Omlin (Peru). Meaghan Langr (NCCS) vs. Barnes/Tender winner. Johanna Recny (AVC) vs. Boudreau/Retrosi winner. Deirdre Spilman (SC) vs. Kim Jones (PHS).

Girls' doubles


1, Elle Rathbun and Emily Higgins (PHS). 2, Amanda Rabideau and Jen Bechard (NCCS). 3, Kiersten Irwin and Haley Puckhaber (LP). 4, Jessy Todd and Courtney Morrow (Sar). 5, Jenna Ruff and Alice Robinson (Peru). 6, Rachel Daly and Carlotta Perry (SC).

First round

Sam Chung and Francine Price (P) vs. Georgie Knox and Natalia Smith (LP). Missy Doherty and Christine Allen (Sar) vs. Tiffany Baker and B. Genier (Unified). Kiersten Irwin and Haley Puckhaber (LP) vs. Chelsea Warick and Jauni Tourville (NAC). Emily Charland and Sarah Barber (NAC) vs. Jessica Finnegan and Liz Kelly (AVC). Krystyn Smith and M. Johnson (AVC) vs. Jenny Burns and K. Kotkowski (B'town).

Rachel Tobin and Collette Roberts (Sar) vs. Rachel Everleth and P. Southwick (NCCS). Emily Stiffler and Phalon Nolan (AVC) vs. Mary Cannon and Eliza Zalis (SC). Abby Higgins and Samantha Banker (P) vs. Jessy Todd and Courtney Morrow (Sar). Rachel Daly and Carlotta Parra (SC). Savannah Trombley and T. Bock (B'town). Sierra Olsen and G. Gertch-Cochran (PHS). Diamond Podmore and C. DeGroff (Unified). Sophie Whalen and L. Graig (B'town) vs. Kindsay Brudvig and Kerry Cannon (SC).

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