Local wrestlers meet in Queensbury

QUEENSBURY — Three North Country wrestling squads ventured to the Queensbury Holiday Tournament, Thursday, with one returning victorious. 

Saranac took first place out of 16 overall, with 170.5 team points, edging out Coxsackie-Athens by a half of a point. 

Beekmantown finished in sixth place with 108 points, while AuSable Valley finished in 11th place with 63. 


In the 102 class, Patriot Jayden Burgess placed sixth in the competition to score six team points.

Gavin Morrow continued the AuSable Valley trend in the lower weight classes, finishing fourth in the 110 class to secure 16 points while the Chiefs’ Owen Stiles placed sixth and scored 8 points.

Jack Brown helped get the Eagles on the board in the 118 class, finishing fifth, while Saranac’s Ryan Devins finished second, scoring 22 team points.

The 126 class was a North Country showdown, with Chief Ashton Seymour securing 26 points for Saranac when he pinned the Eagles’ Alan Frost-Jones in 1:34. 

The 138 class saw a Saranac-Beekmantown tilt go the other way, with Eagle Sawyer Bell downing Cayden Bouvia to take first place. 

All three local teams got involved in the 152 weight class, with the Chiefs’ Hunter Devins finishing first, AuSable Valey’s Zach Bola placing fifth and Beekmantown’s Alexander Harrington finishing sixth. 

Cornal Brinson placed third in the 160 weight class for Beekmantown, securing the team 11 points. 

The third place match for the 172 class saw another local tilt, with Saranac’s Landen Smith coming out on top over the Patriots’ Dominick LaPier. 

Chief Dylan Cogswell took fourth place in the 215 class to earn Saranac 16.0 points.

Connor Bushey got the Eagles a first place finish on the day, taking the top spot in the 285 class. AuSable Valley’s Zachary McLean placed fifth.


102 Class

Quarterfinal- Bernash (Corinth) pinned Blair (SCS), 0:29.

Quarterfinal- Mullis (Hudson Falls) pinned Burgess (AVCS), 1:37.

Cons. Round 1- Burgess (AVCS) Blair (SCS), 0:44.

Cons. Semi- Shattuck (Queensbury) pinned Burgess (AVCS), 0:59. 

5th Place Match- Drake (Shaker Sr) beat Burgess (AVCS) by major decision, 12-0.

110 Class

Champ. Round 1- Morrow (AVCS) pinned Stiles (SCS) 4:00. 

Champ. Round 1- Berg (Glens Falls) pinned Lagree (BCS), 1:05.

Champ. Round 1- Yeager (AVCS) received a bye.

Quarterfinal- Vanguilder (Queensbury) pinned Yeager (AVCS), 0:14.

Quarterfinal- Morrow (AVCS) beat York (Hadley-Lazerne-Lake George) by decision, 6-1. 

Semifinal- Berg (Glens Falls) pinned Morrow (AVCS), 1:30.

Cons. Round 1- Lagree (BCS) received a bye. 

Cons. Round 1- Stiles (SCS) received a bye.

Cons. Round 2- Lagree (BCS) pinned Yeager (AVCS) 1:00. 

Cons. Round 2- Stiles (SCS) pinned Shutter (Coxsakie-Athens), 4:10. 

Cons. Round 3- Stiles (Saranac) beat Lagree (BCS) by decision, 5-2. 

Cons. Semi- Morrow (AVCS) won by injury default over Stiles (SCS).

3rd Place Match- Vanguilder (Queensbury) pinned Morrow (AVCS), 1:30. 

5th Place Match- York (Hadley-Lazerne-Lake George) won by injury default over Stiles (SCS). 


118 Class 

Champ. Round 1- R. Devins (SCS) received a bye.

Champ. Round 1- Diffee (Hudson Falls) pinned Lavene (SCS), 0:49.

Champ. Round 1- Miller (Queensbury) beat Lamora (SCS) by major decision. 

Champ. Round 1- Polsinello (Shaker Sr) 15-7 pinned Brown (BCS), 3:14. 

Cons. Round 1- Lamora (SCS) received a bye.

Cons. Round 1- Lavene (SCS) received a bye.

Cons. Round 1- Brown (BCS) received a bye.

Cons. Round 2- Decker (Coxsakie-Athens) pinned Lamora (SCS), 1:52. 

Cons. Round 2- Polsinello (Shaker Sr) pinned Lavene (SCS) 0:41.

Cons. Round 2- Brown (BCS) received a bye. 

Cons. Round 3- Brown (BCS) beat Decker (Coxsakie-Athens) by decision, 7-5. 

Cons. Semi- Krywy (Hudson Falls) beat Brown (BCS) by major decision, 13-3.

5th Place Match- Brown (BCS) beat Polsinello (Shaker Sr).

Quarterfinal- R. Devins (SCS) pinned Decker (Coxsakie-Athens), 0:39.

Semifinal- R. Devins (SCS) pinned Diffee (Hudson Falls), 4:30. 

1st Place Match- Santore (Shaker Sr) beat R. Devins (SCS) by decision, 4-0.


126 Class

Champ. Round 1- Salvino (Coxsakie-Athens) beat L. Pray (AVCS) by decision, 5-1.

Cons. Round 1- Mcmaster (Queensbury) pinned L. Pray (AVCS), 1:52. 

Quarterfinal- Frost-Jones (BCS) pinned Mcmaster (Queensbury), 2:38.

Quarterfinal- Seymour (SCS) pinned Johnson (Hadley-Lazerne-Lake George), 1:04

Semifinal- Seymour (SCS) pinned Phan (Holland Patent), 1:17.

Semifinal- Frost-Jones (BCS) beat Doyle (Hudson Falls) by decision, 4-2.

1st Place Match- Seymour (SCS) pinned Frost-Jones (BCS), 1:34.


132 Class

Champ. Round 1- Abbaszadeh (Shaker Sr) pinned Sanders (SCS), 0:34. 

Champ. Round 1- Gallogly (Coxsakie-Athens) pinned Fletcher (AVCS), 3:07. 

Cons. Round 1- Fletcher (AVCS) pinned Sanders (SCS), 0:43.

Cons. Round 2- Testani (Queensbury) pinned Fletcher (AVCS), 4:05.


138 Class

Champ. Round 1- Bell (BCS) pinned Smedstad (Coxsakie-Athens), 1:03.

Champ. Round 1- Tennant Jr. (Rome Free Academy) pinned Swetson (AVCS), 0:52.

Champ. Round 1- Bouvia (SCS) received a bye.

Cons. Round 1- Reynolds (Hadley-Lazerne-Lake George) won by tech fall over Swetson (AVCS).

Quarterfinal- Bell (BCS) pinned Nolan (Hudson Falls), 3:49.

Quarterfinal- Bouvia (SCS) pinned Granger (Corinth), 0:57. 

Semifinal- Bouvia (SCS) pinned Tennant Jr. (Rome Free Academy), 3:03. 

Semifinal- Bell (BCS) pinned McIntosh (Hadley-Lazerne-Lake George), 1:22.

1st Place Match- Bell (BCS) pinned Bouvia (SCS), 3:25.


145 Class

Champ. Round 1- Caringi (Coxsakie-Athens) beat Green (SCS) by decision, 8-4.

Cons. Round 1- Green (SCS) received a bye.

Cons. Round 2- Green (SCS) pinned Lanfear (South Glens Falls, 0:25.

Cons. Round 3- McCabe (Hadley-Lazerne-Lake George) pinned Green (SCS), 4:36.


152 Class

Champ. Round 1- Linder (Rome Free Academy) pinned Christensen (AVCS), 2:36.

Champ. Round 1- Harrington (BCS) beat Breyette (SCS) by decision, 7-2. 

Champ. Round 1- Stearns (Vergennes) pinned Sprague (AVCS), 2:13. 

Quarterfinal- H. Devins (SCS) pinned Linder (Rome Free Academy, 0:57. 

Quarterfinal- Schell (Queensbury) won by tech fall over Harrington (BCS), 5:04.

Quarterfinal- Stearns (Vergennes) won in sudden victory over Bola (AVCS).

Cons. Round 1- Harrington (BCS) beat Sprague (AVCS) by decision, 11-6.

Cons. Round 1- Bola (AVCS) pinned Breyette (SCS) 4-6 (Fall 2:49)

Cons. Round 1- Blake (South Glens Falls) pinned Christensen (AVCS), 1:37.

Cons. Round 2- Bola (AVCS) pinned Linder (Rome Free Academy), 0:40.

Cons. Round 2- Harrington (BCS) beat Blake (South Glens Falls) by major decision, 13-5. 

Cons. Semi- Martinez (Coxsakie-Athens) beat Bola (AVCS) by decision, 6-3.

Cons. Semi- Stearns (Vergennes) pinned Harrington (BCS), 2:52. 

5th Place Match- Bola (AVCS) pinned Harrington (BCS), 2:39.

Semifinal- Devins (SCS) pinned Stearns (Vergennes), 1:03.

1st Place Match- Devins (SCS) beat Schell (Queensbury) by decision, 7-2.


160 Class

Quarterfinal- Jones (Schuylerville-GreenWitch) pinned Brinson (BCS), 3:53.

Cons. Round 1- Brinson (BCS) beat Watson (Hudson Falls) by decision, 7-2.

Cons. Semi- Brinson (BCS) beat Moyer (Coxsakie-Athens) by decision, 6-0.

3rd Place Match- Brinson (BCS) beat Daigler (Guilderland) by decision, 6-2. 


172 Class

Champ. Round 1- LaPier (AVCS) received a bye.

Champ. Round 1- Smith (SCS) received a bye.

Champ. Round 1- Schell (Queensbury) pinned Reeves (SCS), 0:07. 

Champ. Round 1- Mullis (Hudson Falls) pinned Spaulding (SCS), 1:48.

Cons. Round 1- Reeves (SCS) received a bye.

Cons. Round 1- Spaulding (SCS) received a bye. 

Cons. Round 2- Iamunno (Coxsakie-Athens) pinned Spaulding (SCS), 0:41.

Cons. Round 2- O`Brien (Guilderland) pinned Reeves (SCS), 1:30. 

Quarterfinal- LaPier (AVCS) beat Mullis (Hudson Falls) by decision, 6-3.

Quarterfinal-Smith (SCS) beat O`Brien (Guilderland) by major decision. 

Semifinal- Koenig (Holland Patent) beat Smith (SCS) by decision, 4-2.

Semifinal- Schell (Queensbury) won by tech fall over LaPier (AVCS).

Cons. Semi- LaPier (AVCS) beat O`Brien (Guilderland) by decision, 4-1.

Cons. Semi- Smith (SCS) pinned Mullis (Hudson Falls), 2:48. 

3rd Place Match- Smith (SCS) pinned LaPier (AVCS), 1:30.

189 Class

Champ. Round 1- Wright (Glens Falls) pinned Duell (SCS), 3:39.

Champ. Round 1- Hladio (Guilderland) beat W. Pray (AVCS) by decision, 8-2.

Champ. Round 1- Elkins (Hadley-Lazerne-Lake George) pinned Lewandowski (BCS), 1:05.

Champ. Round 1- Ulscht (Coxsakie-Athens) pinned Hall (BCS), 1:32. 

Cons. Round 1- Dutcher (Rome Free Academy) pinned Duell (SCS), 0:20.

Cons. Round 1- Lewandowski (BCS) received a bye.

Cons. Round 1- Hall (BCS) beat W. Pray (AVCS) by decision, 5-0. 

Cons. Round 2- Bayer (Shaker Sr) pinned Lewandowski (BCS), 0:50. 

Cons. Round 2- Hall (BCS) beat Wright (Glens Falls) by decision, 5-1.

Cons. Round 3- Elkins (Hadley-Lazerne-Lake George) pinned Hall (BCS), 0:25.


215 Class

Champ. Round 1- Cogswell (SCS) pinned Killingsworth (Queensbury), 3:50. 

Champ. Round 1- Sullivan (Hudson Falls) pinned Trudeau (SCS) 0:58. 

Champ. Round 1- Morizio (Guilderland) pinned Rock (AVCS), 1:48. 

Cons. Round 1- Geary (Corinth) pinned Trudeau (SCS) 0:59.

Cons. Round 1- David Rock (AVCS) pinned Wais (Coxsakie-Athens), 0:59). 

Cons. Round 2- Cipollo (Guilderland) pinned Rock (AVCS), 4:08. 

Quarterfinal- Cogswell (SCS) won in sudden victory over Cipollo (Guilderland).

Semifinal- Marissal (Hadley-Lazerne-Lake George) pinned Cogswell (SCS), 2:35.

Cons. Semi- Cogswell (SCS) pinned Koperda (Holland Patent), 1:41.

3rd Place Match- Williams (Glens Falls) pinned Cogswell (SCS), 1:42. 

285 Class

Champ. Round 1- McLean (AVCS) received a bye.

Cons. Round 2- McLean (AVCS) pinned Bovee (Corinth), 1:38. 

Cons. Round 3- McLean (AVCS) beat Montee (Guilderland) by decision, 3-0.

Cons. Semi- Harrison (Guilderland) pinned McLean (AVCS), 1:32. 

5th Place Match- McLean (AVCS) pinned Pokeda (Guilderland), 1:53. 

Quarterfinal- Pokeda (Guilderland) pinned McLean (AVCS), 1:27.

Quarterfinal- Bushey (BCS) pinned Szemplinski (Shaker Sr), 3:54.

Semifinal- Bushey (BCS) pinned Harrison (Guilderland, 5:0.


1st Place Match- Bushey (BCS) pinned Morris (Holland Patent), 5:31.


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