Local hoops action continues as winter break approaches

KEENE — From sharing the ball on offense to forcing turnovers and fighting for rebounds on defense, Keene’s 42-22 win over Chazy, Monday, in Mountain and Valley Athletic Conference basketball was a pure team effort.

Keene was led by Haylie Buysse with 19 points, followed by Marley Harmer and Megan Quinn with eight points apiece.

On defense, the Beavers went hard. Mia Ellis recovered 11 rebounds, Maegan Shambo secured seven, both contributing to the team total of 34 rebounds. The team also stole away 12 balls from the Eagles.

“Every member of our team contributed to the win,” Beavers coach Cori Anne Favro said.

“Chazy’s zone defense was hard to penetrate, and it took us a bit to get back in sync after halftime and come back strong.”

For Chazy, Samantha Gonyo led with 10 points, and Kassidy Turek netted seven, including the only three-pointer of the game.

“Chazy played a tough game and played hard till the end,” Favro said.

Keene 42, Chazy 22

Keene (42)

VanNess 0-0-0, LaVallee 0-0-0, Shambo 0-1-1, Ellis 1-0-2, Harmer 4-0-8, Buysse 8-3-19, Jones 0-0-0, Lawrence 2-0-4, Quinn 3-2-8. Totals: 18-6-42.

Chazy (22)

Howell 1-0-2, Langois 0-0-0, Turek 2-2-7, Gonyo 4-2-10, Lapierre 1-1-3, McChesney 0-0-0, Columbus 0-0-0, Boshy 0-0-0. Totals: 8-5-22.

Halftime- Keene, 14-12.

3 point goals- Chazy (1) Turek.



LAKE PLACID — The Knights rallied from four points down in the second half and edged out a win over the Blue Bombers.

Gabriella Conti tossed in eight points to lead Seton Catholic and Madyson Whalen added six.

Chelsea Moore's six points paced Lake Placid and Arnita Cecunjanin was next with five.

Seton Catholic 23, Lake Placid 22

Seton Catholic (23)

Conti 4-0-8, Whalen 3-0-6, Hughes 2-0-4, Lawliss 1-0-2, Johnston 1-0-2, Pearl 0-1-1, Langlois 0-0-0. Totals- 11-1-23.

Lake Placid (22)

Moore 3-0-6, Ar. Cecunjanin, 2-1-5, Phillip 0-4-4, Crawford 1-2-4, Coursen 1-0-3, An. Cecunjanin 0-0-0, Marvin 0-0-0. Totals- 7-7-22.

Halftime- Lake Placid, 16-12.

3 point goals- LPCS (1) Coursen.




ELLENBURG — The Bobcats had two girls contributing double-doubles en route to their victory over Franklin Academy: Abby Peryea and Isabella Gilmore.

Gilmore had 21 points and 15 rebounds and Peryea notched 19 points and 11 rebounds. Alexis Belrose also hit three treys, adding to her total 16 points.

For Franklin Academy, Chloe LaBella led with 14 points, Mackenzie Lane secured 12 and Lilli Sosa 11.

NAC 68, Franklin Academy 48

NAC (68)

LaBarge 4-0-8, Gilmore 7-7-21, Belrose 6-1-16, Poupore 0-0-0, Abigail Peryea 1-0-2, Charland 1-0-2, Abby Peryea 7-5-19. Totals: 26-13-68.

Franklin Academy (48)

Sosa 4-0-11, Poupore 0-0-0, Lilliock 2-0-4, Lane 5-0-12, Mcardle 0-0-0, LaBella 6-2-14, Monette 1-3-5, Baker 1-0-2. Totals: 19-5-48.

Halftime- NAC, 21-18.

3 point goals- FA (5) Sosa 3, Lane 2. NAC (3) Belrose 3.



TICONDEROGA — With nine points apiece from Sophia Dorsett and Kennedy Davis, the Sentinels made their way past Fort Ann with ease.

Dorsett also notched a three-pointer for Ticonderoga, along with Blake Charboneau. Cassidy Mattison also netted eight points.

“We played good defense throughout the game by not allowing Fort Ann to score more than six points in each quarter,” Ti coach Dan Dorsett said.

For Fort Ann, Angel Avarte and Madisen Freeburn led with six points each.

Ticonderoga 38, Fort Ann 17

Ticonderoga (38)

Dorsett 4-0-9, Mattison 3-2-8, L. Zelinski 1-1-3, Charboneau 1-0-3, S. Zelinski 0-0-0, Whitford 2-1-5, Davis 4-1-9, Abare 0-0-0, Pound 0-1-1, Decker 0-0-0. Totals: 15-6-38.

Fort Ann (17)

A. Avatare 2-1-6, Avatare 0-0-0, Burch 0-0-0, Cody 0-0-0, Freebern 3-0-6, Gadway 0-0-0, Hardy 0-0-0, Sharrow 1-0-2, Steves 1-0-2. Totals: 7-1-17.

Halftime- Ticonderoga, 20-8.

3 point goals- Ticonderoga (2) Dorsett, Charboneau. Fort Ann (1) Avarte (1).





NORTH CREEK — Newcomb was able to take control of the game early and never let go, beating Johnsburg/Minerva.

Newcomb was led by Logan Bush, with 23 points, and one three-pointer, with assistance from Joshua Armstrong and Marcus Armstrong, with 13 and 10 points, respectively. 

Jordan Colon and Konstantin Zaytsev had a trey each. 

“A slow start for us allowed Newcomb to take control and keep a sizable lead throughout,” Johnsburg/Minerva coach Peter Olesheski said. 

For Johnsburg/Minerva, Rodney Wolfe led with 14 points, along with 10 rebounds, four blocks and a three-pointer. This was Wolfe’s fourth double-double in five games.

Yandon Cleveland also contributed 13 points, seven rebounds and six assists, along with two three-pointers. 

Newcomb 51, J/M 37

Newcomb (51)

Bush 10-2-23, Agular-Fernandez 0-0-0, Konstantine 1-0-3, Colon 2-0-5, Fifield 1-0-2, J. Armstrong 5-0-10, M. Armstrong 2-4-8, Al-Qtam 0-0-0. Totals: 22-6-51.

J/M (37)

Degroat 2-0-5, Cleveland 5-1-13, Poirer 2-0-5, Galle 0-0-0, Moses 0-0-0, Olden 0-0-0, Moffitt 0-0-0, Wolfe 6-1-14. Totals: 15-2-37.

Halftime- Newcomb, 31-14. 

3 point goals- Newcomb (3) Bush, Colon, Konstantine. J/M (5) Degroat, Cleveland, Poirer 1, Wolfe. 



CHAZY — Eighth-grader Zane Del Pozzo tossed in 15 points and Keenan Linton followed with 12 in the Beavers' win.

Keene held a 21-12 halftime lead and never lost the advantage.

Dylan McAfee scored nine points and Zamir Foster eight for the Eagles.

“I thought both teams played with a lot of intensity on both ends,” Chazy coach Austin Tetreault said. “We played hard defensively and got into some foul trouble. Keene did well hitting their foul shots.

“I was incredibly happy with the way we found our shots offensively tonight. We just have to learn to finish on our chances.”

Keene 41, Chazy 29

Keene (41)

Carto 0-0-0, Del Pozzo 4-6-15, Linton 6-0-12, Morrelli 3-3-9, Isham 2-1-5.

Totals- 15-10-41.

Chazy (29)

Juneau 1-2-4, McAfee 4-0-9, LaBarge 0-1-1, Foster 4-0-8, Dwyer 1-0-2, Kise 2-0-5, Santor 0-0-0. Totals- 12-3-29.

Halftime- Keene, 21-12.

3 point goals- Keene (1) Del Pozzo. Chazy (2) McAfee, Kise.




SARANAC — Justin Bedard led the Chiefs to victory over Franklin Academy, securing 18 points and 17 rebounds.

Bedard also had one three-pointer, along with Matt Faville and Keagan Pecor. Faville notched 11 points, and Lucas Pierce also added 12 for Saranac.

“Faville and Pierce hit some big buckets going down the stretch,” Saranac coach Mike Recore said.

On defense, Sebastian Dandrow-Pellerin secured six rebounds.

“I am proud of how the kids were able to dig in and finish the game strong, as we were down for most of the game,” Recore said.

The Chiefs were down by one point at the half, 29-28.

Saranac 56, Franklin Academy 51

Saranac (56)

Bedard 4-9-18, Faville 4-2-11, Pecor 2-0-5, Medley 0-0-0, Dandrow-Pellerin 2-2-6, Pierce 6-0-12, Brown 1-2-4, White 0-0-0. Totals: 19-15-56.

Franklin Academy (51)

Miller 7-0- 15, Leroy 3-0-7, Hammond 5-2-13, Dumas 3-0-7, Johal 1-1- 4, Poirier 0-0-0, McArdle 1-0-2, Shea 0-0-0, Mosher 1-0-2, Wescott 0-1-1. Totals: 21-4-51.

Halftime- Franklin Academy, 29-28.

3 point goals- Saranac (3) Bedard, Faville, Pecor. Franklin Academy (5) Miller, Leroy, Hammond, Dumas, Johal.



BOLTON — Despite the loss, Tyler Trowbridge was able to secure nine points for the Eagles.

“Loudonville Christian used a strong defensive effort in the first half to stifle our strong guards,” Bolton coach Cody Kober said.

“Most points came in transition and they never looked back.”

For Loudonville Christian, Marshall and Keparutis scored 13 points each, while Woods netted 10. Keparutis had three three-pointers, and Pratt and Torres secured one each.

First names for Loudonville Christian were not provided at press time.

Loudonville Christian 53, Bolton 23

LC (53)

BiBialtus 2-4-8, Whitt 0-0-0, Keparutis 5-0-13, Marshall 5-3-13, Pevzner 0-0-0, Castler 0-0-0, Woods 5-0-10, Pratt 1-0-3, Torres 1-0-3, Scott 1-1-3. Totals: 20-8-53.

Bolton (23)

Egloff 3-0-8, Hubert 0-0-0, Johnson 0-0-0, Eager 0-0-0, Kelley 1-0-2, C. Becker 0-0-0. Trowbridge 4-0-9, L. Becker 1-2-4. Totals: 9-2-23.

Halftime- LC, 36-9.

3 point goals- LC (5) Keparutis 3, Pratt, Torres. Bolton (3) Egloff 2, Trowbridge.






SARANAC LAKE — A back-and-forth game that went down to the wire finished with the Red Storm defeating St. Lawrence, led by Caleb Akey with 16 points and four three-pointers.

Marcus Navarra also had 12 points for Saranac Lake, and Carter Hewitt had 10, along with one three. Zyler Strack also netted a trey.

“This was a good high school basketball game,” Saranac Lake coach Dermott Morgan said.

“St. Lawrence pulled out to an eight-point lead with five minutes left in the fourth quarter, but we went on a 10-0 run led by Akey with two clutch three-pointers.”

The Red Storm led narrowly at the half, 22-20.

Saranac Lake 47, St. Lawrence 45

Saranac Lake (47)

LaDue 1-0-2, Akey 6-0-16, Navarra 5-2-12, Faubert 0-0-0, Hewitt 4-1-10, Strack 1-0-3, Clark 2-0-4. Totals: 19-3-47.

St. Lawrence (45)

Ashtley 0-0-0, J. Ashtley 7-0-18, Perry 0-0-0, Beach 0-1-1, Storrin 9-0-18, Shattuck 0-2-2, Mason 2-0-4, Clinic 0-0-0, Bissmehe 1-0-2. Totals: 18-3-45.

Halftime- Saranac Lake, 22-20.

3 point goals- Saranac Lake (6) Akey 4, Hewitt, Strack. St. Lawrence (4) J. Ashtley 4.




WELLS — After falling behind by 11 point at the half, the Blue Bombers led by Eben Daby pulled off the win against the Indians.

Daby had 14 points, which was followed by Chris Byrne, who notched 10 points. Will Douglas also contributed a three-pointer.

“The Blue Bombers reduced the deficit by two in the third quarter, before scoring 23 points in the fourth to register the come-from-behind win,” Wells coach Brian Brandes said.

For Wells, the top scorer was Jake Stuart, who had 16 points, including four three-pointers. Matt Koniszewski and Pearce O’Rourke also netted a trey each.

Lake Placid 48, Wells 39

Lake Placid (48)

Byrne 5-0-10, Colby 2-0-4, Ledwith 4-0-8, A.Cecunjanin 2-1-5, Kondrat 0-0-0, S.Cecunjanin 2-0-4, Daby 6-2-14, Douglas 1-0-3. Totals: 22-3-48.

Wells (39)

S.Koniszewski 3-0-6, Stuart 6-0-16, Simmons 0-0-0, M.Koniszewski 4-0-9, O'Rourke 2-3-8. Totals: 15-3-39.

Halftime- Wells, 29-18.

3 point goals- Lake Placid (1) Douglas. Wells (6) Stuart 4. M. Koniszowski, O’Rourke.




CLINTONVILLE — Aiden Lopez’s 26-point game helped to lead the Patriots over the Eagles.

Lopez also netted five three-pointers. Eli Douglas also tacked on 20 points, and Nate Doner 16. Zander McCabe hit one three pointer and recorded six rebounds, three assists, two steals and two blocks.

“McCabe really energized our defense tonight,” Patriots coach Jamie Douglass said.

“I thought we played good team defense and we shared the ball well tonight.”

For Beekmantown, Douglass said they only had nine players dressed to play.

Josh Bergin led the Eagles with 18 points in the loss. Nate Sand and Andrew VanNatten also had eight points apiece. Nate Parliament hit a three for the team as well.

“They played hard all game, but had a cold shooting night,” Douglass said.

“Their inside duo of Bergin and Sand were a handful tonight. Bergin really impressed me with his hard work and great play in the post.”

AuSable Valley 79, Beekmantown 42

AuSable Valley (79)

Kol. Dixon 2-0-4, McCabe 2-0-5, Kor. Dixon 1-0-2, Doner 7-2-16, Garcia 1-0-2, Hart 1-0-2, Matilla 1-0-2, Rein 0-0-0, Inglish 0-0-0, Lopez 10-1-26, Douglas 8-4-20, Murphy 0-0-0. Totals: 33-7-79.

Beekmantown (42)

Mannix 0-4-4, Vannatten 2-4-8, Bebee 0-0-0, LaBorde 0-0-0, Parent 0-1-1, Saroj 0-0-0, Parliament 1-0-3, Burgin 8-2-18, Sand 4-0-8. Totals: 15-11-42.

Halftime- AuSable Valley, 41-20.

3 point goals- AVCS (6) Lopez 5, McCabe. Beekmantown (1) Parliament. 

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