The Section VII Class D boys’ basketball final is shaping up a good game today with the top two seeds facing off in the championship game.

The Schroon Lake Wildcats come into the game at 19-0 while the Moriah Vikings are only 8-11, but with the capability to pull off a big victory.

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The Wildcats are coming off a strong performance Thursday against the Chazy Eagles defeating them 51-23. Jesse Shaughnessy has been a big player for the Wildcats this year averaging 19.8 points per game, and Tanner Stone averaging 10.4 points a game on the season.

The Wildcats have dominated most of its contests. The Vikings are no slouch however.

After defeating the third-seeded Elizabethtown-Lewis Lions 48-33 on Thursday, the Vikings have to feel confident with the dominating win. Freshman center Adam Jaquish is averaging 12.9 points per game and Derek Brassard 8.7s per game. Jaquish nearly had a triple-double in his last game against the Lions in the semifinals with 15 points, 14 rebounds, and seven blocks on the night. Vikings head coach Brian Cross has seen Jaquish improve throughout the year.

“He has grown a lot this year as a freshman,” said Cross. “Earlier in the year he was getting into a lot of foul trouble trying to block every shot, but he has grown tremendously throughout the year and he has realized he can’t help us when he is in foul trouble and sitting on the bench because he is our top rebounder and with his size we are certainly a much different team with him.”

With Moriah losing to Schroon Lake earlier in the season coach Cross was very happy with the way his team played the whole game. He felt there was a team effort and that is going to be needed in the finals on Saturday.

“I think in order to get the win were going to need more than one player to stand out, and it’s going to have to be a team effort,” Cross said. “Were going to have to beat Schroon Lake with four possibly all five of our players if we are going to get the win. Especially going up against Shaughnessy and Stone and trying to keep them off the boards and if we can do that we can give them all they want.”

The inconsistent played showed for the Vikings during the season as they had a five-game losing streak, which was started by the loss to Schroon Lake. The issues for Moriah’s struggles were against the big schools, but Cross feels that if they do what they have been doing they can match up with the best.

“We know when we play our game we can go one on one with the top teams,” said Cross. “I think at this time of the year the inconsistencies we have had are behind us, and if you aren’t playing well at this time of the year you won’t make it to the finals, and I think were playing fairly well right now.”

Earlier in the season both teams had a duel against one another that lasted into overtime with Schroon Lake picking up the victory in the extra time 54-51. This matchup will be taking place at the Field House in Plattsburgh State. Cross knows his team is going to give it all they got against the Wildcats.

“Were going to play our game and not going to change a thing,” said Cross. “If we play defense and get the big stops we need our scoring will come and we can play our style of basketball.”

Schroon Lake      FG      FT      Pts      3pt

Jesse Shaughnessy 160 56 19.8 1

Jeff Armstrong 61 21 7.6 2

Bobby Rose 41 11 5.3 1

Tanner Stone 76 15 10.4 30

Alex Shaughnessy 34 2 5.2 28

Caleb Maisonville 30 14 4.4 0

Moriah FG FT Pts 3pt 

Jessup Calkins 29 32 6.4 6

Derek Brassard 56 25 8.7 20

Mike Mero 39 17 5.8 10

Dakota Marcotte 14 6 2.1 0

Ryan Shpur 40 7 4.8 0

Tyler Pratt 20 12 3.9 6

Adam Jaquish 93 47 12.9 0

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