PLATTSBURGH — For the third time in six years, Plattsburgh’s Ed and John Trombley led the crew of Odinn to another Mayor’s Cup Regatta victory.

With a corrected time of 1:15:16 in the racing division, the Trombleys captured the Mayor’s Cup trophy at the 42nd annual event on Lake Champlain.

“The conditions started off great,” John Trombley said. “There was a nice breeze. The race committee set a great course. It was challenging, but I thought the wind was ideal. I was thinking that they might cancel, but I am glad they stuck it out.”

Thunderstorms were forecasted for the late morning and early afternoon, but regatta coordinator Kjell Dahlen designed a shorter course to allow all sailors to be able to compete without having to face storms.

“I talked to some meteorologists in the morning and was told that it would be OK in terms of thunder until early afternoon,” Dahlen said. “I figured if we got the race off on time and had a short course, we would be able to pull this race off and not postpone.

“This is the shortest course I have made.”

Walt Marti of Burlington, Vermont, finished second in the racing division by leading Rogue to a time of 1:16:51.

Peru’s Craig Meyerson (Souvenir, 1:17:51), Plattsburgh’s Michael Parsons and Peter Hall (Obelix, 1:18:39) and Quebec’s Jean Pierre Turgeon (Corbeau, 1:19:00) rounded out the top five, respectively.

“We thought that Peter Hall and Mike Parsons’ boat was faster than we were, but at the end, we got a really lucky break,” Ed Trombley said. “The wind was lighter just before they finished, and I think that was enough of a deciding factor to help us edge them out.”

The Trombleys stressed how teamwork played a huge role in their win and acknowledged there was little to no margin for error since the course was short.

The course’s design led to one of the fastest times the duo could remember turning in.

“This is one of the fastest times we have ever had in this race,” John Trombley chuckled. “They did a great job designing the course, and it was the right choice to keep it shorter.

“The teamwork we had was great. All the moves the crew made were spot on. That really gained us a lot of time.”

Montreal’s Miro Balcar, leading the crew of Endo-X, finished first in the cruising division with a time just under 57 minutes to secure the Rotary Cup, awarded by the Sunrise Rotary Club since 1997.

Quebec’s Daniel Hancock captured second with a time of 1:01:31 on O’De Vent, while Vermont’s Les Velte took third by sailing Talisman to the finish line in 1:01:47.

In the multihull division, Saratoga Springs’ Devin Van Zandt and the crew of Blade grabbed first with a corrected time of 11:11:40.

“The whole day was definitely interesting,” Dahlen said. “We did not know if we would be able to race, but to be able to complete the regatta was great.

“We were lucky. I do think this event is important for the community and important for Plattsburgh and the surrounding community. I also think it’s important for sailing in general.”

Many of the sailors shared the same sentiment as Dahlen, including Ed Trombley.

“The regatta is one of the best parts about Plattsburgh,” he said. “The waterfront here in Plattsburgh is awesome, and the entire Mayor’s Cup weekend is always a fun time.”

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A Racing     Odinn Plattsburgh Ed & John Trombley 1:15:16

A Racing Souvenir Peru Craig Meyerson 1:17:51

A Racing Corbeau St. Bernard de Lacolle, QC Jean Pierre Turgeon 1:19:00

A Racing Polar Express Plattsburgh Don Duley 1:20:27

B Racing Witchcraft Rensselaer Mark Stata 1:20:01

B Racing Lift Ticket Richmond, Vt. Sam Pratt 1:23:23

C Racing Rogue South Burlington, Vt. Walt Marti 1:16:51

C Racing Stratos Shelburne, Vt. Tris Coffin 1:19:13

C Racing Enki Jericho, Vt. Cindy Turcotte 1:27:24

C Racing Muse South Londonderry, Vt. Doug Friant 1:30:29

C Racing Kuja 2 Slingerlands Lawrence Robinson DNF

D Racing Obelix Plattsburgh Michael Parsons/Peter Hall 1:18:39

D Racing Lil 'Bot South Burlington, Vt. Benedek Erdos 1:26:15

D Racing Osprey Burlington, Vt. Thomas Porter 1:27:42

D Racing Rhumb Runner Plattsburgh Tim McCormick 1:29:15

D Racing Thankful Burlington, Vt. Gerry Couture 1:33:00

D Racing Raven Charlotte, Vt.  Wendy Friant 1:34:49

A Cruising Endo-X Montreal Miro Balcar 0:56:55

A Cruising Believe In L'Assomtion, QC Francois Turcotte 1:02:45

A Cruising The Avengers Lacolle, QC Jocelyn Duteau 1:02:46

B Cruising O'De Vent St. Jean, QC Daniel Hancock 1:01:31

B Cruising Talisman Londonderry, Vt. Les Velte 1:01:47

B Cruising Le Saint Yves Verdun, QC Yves Vachon 1:02:53

B Cruising The First Boleil, QC Marc DesLauriers 1:02:54

B Cruising Pegasus Wickham, QC Patrice Audrain 1:05:07

C Cruising Edelweiss II Bridport, Vt. Ulrich Holzinger 1:11:47

C Cruising Townshipper  St. Armand, QC John Weideman 1:27:20

D Cruising Evasion Colchester, Vt. Richard Ritter 1:22:08

D Cruising Red October Dickinson Center Thomas Loftus 1:23:59

No fleet Multihull Blade Saratoga Springs Devin Van Zandt 11:11:40

No fleet Multihull Feral Cat Scotia Ted Feurer 11:45:43

No fleet Multihull Way 2 Many Ballston Spa Dan Kisel 12:59:37

No fleet Multihull Space Station Huntington, Vt. Jeff Chapman 13:02:30

No fleet Multihull Buzz Schodack Landing Peter Knapp 13:18:12

No fleet Multihull This Side Up Ravena Tom Field 13:35:02

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