Albany needs to pass the Returnable Lottery Tickets Act and impose 5 cents on each ticket. Call it the Losing Ticket Bill.


I enjoy reading the online comments posted by various readers relative to press articles. I do, however, wish that a couple of individuals would comment a bit less. Gets to be a bit much when the same couple of readers comment, most often in a negative manner regarding unions. I understand that it is there opinion but giving the same people the platform to anonomously comment over and over seems out of order.


I recently visited a food chain in Malone and was shocked to see how inexpensive canteloupe was. When I returned to Plattsburgh, I found it was nearly double. This is ridiculous. For those of you who like canteloupe I would suggest making the trip. It was well worth it and I saved quite a bit of money. I also was able to stop at the reservation on the way back and get some cheap gas.

Belts Click it or ticket? You've got to be kidding. All they have to do is check DPW and MLD. Most of those employees haven't yet figured out how to buckle up. And it sets a bad example for the young people working there for the summer. Are the city employees exempt from the seat belt law? Involved

Yearbooks are put together almost solely by volunteer staff, faculty and students. I worked on a local high-school yearbook for four years, and the students and staff who worked on it always made an effort to be all inclusive. As we always told students, if you don't like who's in your yearbook, get involved. The trouble is, most people don't want to get involved, they just want pictures of themselves and their friends while someone else does the work.


You don't seem to have any idea about marijuana or marijuana legalization. In Albany, hundreds of people (ranging in age from college age to seniors) showed up in support of a proposal that would bring in money, as well as reducing the amount of illegal activity. Wouldn't you prefer to have NYS make money off something as well as regulating something that right now is run on the black market?


The extremely loud power boats on Lake Champlain should be banned — they ruin the peace and quiet for thousands on both sides of the lake. If a car was that loud, it would be ticketed, but there's unfortunately no law against loud boats. They're obnoxious.


Thousands of deaths a year due to alcohol poisoning, drunk drivers, alcoholism. Marijuana, zero annual overdoses, few DWAI cases per year, and even daily use, if you wished to do so, won't be killing you like alcohol does. Let responsible adults enjoy it just like responsible adults enjoy alcohol.


Privatizing government services is always advertised as a panacea. The corporations that will profit pretend it won't cost as much and services will be the same, but their record a couple of years down the road is dismal. Ask the people of Jefferson County how privatizing public nursing homes has worked out for the public.


Here we go again in Rouses Point, with yet another pep rally concerning the downtown and where the revitalization manager and the mayor want it to be. Instead of wasting the taxpayers' time and money hiring someone to do studies, use that money to advertise for a store, bank, etc. Get them and businesses will come in. And guess what, this idea didn't cost the board anything.


For 10 years, taxes on the rich have been lower than at any time in recent history and fewer jobs have been created for American workers than when taxes were much higher. The fact is, the rich have lawyers and accountants that make sure their bosses never pay taxes anyway. It is just dishonest for Republicans to keep insisting that lower taxes on the rich will create jobs. The evidence says just the opposite.


People need to stop complaining so much — deal with it.


I agree that there should be enforcement of no camping in parking lots. When I drive through the parking lot early a.m., I blow my horn and let this be their wake-up call. I suggest more people do this.


Road work is expensive, but how much longer are you going to avoid fixing South Catherine Street? Each year pot holes are filled in, while in the West End of the city, streets get repaired and the south side of town gets neglected again. South Catherine Street is in deplorable condition. Being a resident of the "south side of town" and a taxpayer, I would ask that you seriously consider in the future, road repairs for this side of town. Our sidewalks are in horrible condition also. A neighbor fell and ended up in the CVPH ER.


I read in Press-Republican today Essex County says, "Due to the estimated 30-percent increase expected in the 2011 tax levy, the county is trying to seek additional sources of revenue to balance the 2011 budget," haven't they got the news there is a 2-percent property-tax cap in effect across the state? Someone should also let them know they can't raise property taxes for 2011, that boat already left the dock.


I'd like to say thank you to the organizers of the Cadyville Fun Runs that are on Wednesday nights. What a great thing to do to get children, and adults alike, out there exercising. It's too bad more people can't volunteer to do more events such as this that are free to families. I'd do it myself but work a full-time job and a family, but we all love attending. Maybe someone can organize a "fun swim" or "fun ride."


As taxpayers in the NACS District, we would like to be able to read the School Board agenda and minutes on the Internet. The agenda is sometimes posted the day of the meeting. The July meeting was a week ago and nobody can read the agenda yet. The minutes are always behind by at least two months.


Every year we hear it on the radio, we read it in the papers, we see it on TV, do not leave your animals in the car. But I still see it being done, these poor things suffering in the heat waiting for irresponsible owner to relieve them from their agony. If you love them and plan on leaving them in the car for any amount of time, leave them home. We also think of their paws freezing in the winter. Remember the road, parking lots, sidewalks, etc., are very hot on them and can hurt them.


For the last two days I'm still trying to find the yard sales on the classifieds online and they are not listed again. Why are they on some days and not other days? I buy the paper on my way to work but love to check the Web page early in the morning at home! Please help us who love to yard sale and save money in this economy. Bring the classified back.

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