Two convicted murderers completed an elaborate overnight escape from Clinton Correctional Facility early Saturday morning prompting a massive nationwide manhunt.

This video, obtained from the Clinton County District Attorney's Office through the Freedom of Information Act, offers some insight into the c…

State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision investigators travel through the tunnels of Clinton Correctional Facility, tracing path of David Sweat and Richard Matt.

There have been few circumstance for which so many people know so much, have so many opinions and have been so profoundly affected, directly or indirectly, as has arisen over the prosecution of Joyce Mitchell, writes columnist Colin Read.

PLATTSBURGH Singer-songwriters Sam Egan and Jessica Rigby — of the Super Super Serious Please Don’t Laugh Band — have a knack for the whimsical.

Their songs are about not-so-common objects, such as a buffalo-head nickel found on the floor, or sometimes just ordinary events, such as their friend Will riding by on his bicycle.

Their most recent collaboration, which is unnamed much like all of their songs, deals with two events familiar in the area.

“North Country/Home of meth labs/And escaped prisoners,” Rigby sang as she and Egan played guitars on her porch steps.

The duo has been creating songs and performing locally on and off since 2012.

And despite their really, really long band name, their songs are rather short but still chock-full of catchy harmonies and humor.

Kenzie and Josh Jerome of Plattsburgh stand outside their clothing booth at the Clinton County Fair with their children, 4-year-old Jackson an…

Forest rangers reflect on role in dangerous hunt for escaped killers David Sweat and Richard Matt.

Correction officer's case will go to grand jury in early August. Clinton Correctional Superintendent Steve Racette, on administrative leave, retires Friday.

State Police Maj. Charles Guess, in charge of manhunt, credits many for success.

By Friday, a Tonawanda funeral home had received the former inmate's remains, which were taken there from Plattsburgh.

Gene Palmer is not charged in connection with the escape, just the escapees. He allegedly accepted, and later tried to destroy, paintings by Richard Matt and David Sweat, brought them tools for artwork.

Man who leases hunting cabin with fellow COs hopes capture of escapees happens quickly.

Law enforcement officers check car trunks at a checkpoint near the media staging area in downtown Owls Head Monday. The manhunt in Franklin Co…

U.S. Border Patrol agents cruise down the road near the Trailside Bar & Restaurant searching for escaped convicts Richard Matt and David S…

The manhunt for Dannemora felons triggers memories of massive 1978 operation to apprehend Robert Garrow.

Prison worker charged with supplying hacksaw blades, chisels, punch and screwdriver to murderers Richard Matt and David Sweat; neighbor in Dickinson Center says ":very scary."

Former Clinton County DA Penny Clute says there are varied sentencing options if inmates are convicted of escape and others found guilty of aiding them.

This racially offensive sketch of a Chinese man from the "Family Guy" animated TV series is very similar to the one escaped killers Richard W.…

Features Editor Nathan Ovalle moves through a 24-inch pipe to show how the escaped inmates went through exiting Clinton Correctional.