Today is the day we give thanks, and we have much to be thankful for.

Sure the world seems a bit upside down in many ways right now, but overall here in the North Country, giving gratitude is still something we all should embrace.

The nation, as well as our region, is highly focused on national politics these days, and whether President Donald Trump should be impeached.

The matter is extremely divisive and has sparked numerous heated debates in just about every corner of the nation, including here.

An event on Wednesday was a prime example of the anger that the issue has helped to create.

As a box-truck with electronic billboards on its sides and rear sat on Margaret Street shining messages to impeach Trump, the public chimed in without reservation.

The truck was commissioned by progressive groups MoveOn and Need to Impeach to show support for impeachment throughout the 21st Congressional District.

It was also a message to Congresswoman Elise Stefanik that many did not like her performance during the recent impeachment hearings where she staunchly defended the president.

As the electronic billboard truck sat idling on Margaret Street, several passing motorists honked their horn in support of the demonstration.

Others, however, had no problem loudly voicing their disagreement.

"Get a real job," one man yelled at the electronic billboard truck driver.

This is the fourth time in our nation's history that Congress has gone through the process to impeach a president.

Three of those times, including this one, have been in the television era, making it a national spectacle.

But this impeachment process is the first in the era of social media, and it seems that the fires have been stoked way too much.

The division of the public seems much stronger than ever before, and often becomes downright angry.

Friendships have been altered or lost, people find themselves being careful what they say in public, or not, and the tenor of life has been wracked with an uncomfortable intensity.

It seems like a tough time in life, but we have to remember that politics and government, while extremely important, are not everything.

As we gather around the table today preparing to enjoy a nice feast, we need to remember that we do have many things to be thankful for.

Family and friends are at the top of that list for sure, and we need to take stock of that.

We also have a gorgeous place to live, a fairly strong local economy, a relatively low crime rate and a chance to better ourselves.

Yes, we have an opioid crisis, mental health challenges, division over a downtown Plattsburgh development and other problems to face, but today is a day to, not forget all of that, but put it aside for a moment.

Hopefully a day of giving thanks and enjoying time with those we love the most will set the tone for a joyous holiday season and a better year to come.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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