Hundreds of people in the North Country suffer from their allergies without a physician to be found. Allergies not treated become asthma. Asthma is painful and treatment expensive. What do we do if we cannot travel to Saratoga/Albany area. Vermont does not take most NY insurances.


If you are looking for a profession, please consider becoming a gastrointestinal physician. The Plattsburgh area of Northern New York has few. They either take no new patients or the next appointment is December. Esophageal cancer is scary. Waiting months could make a difference. Maybe recruiting one or two more could be an answer for now.


The first three words of the Second Amendment refer to “a well-regulated militia.” Gun ownership was protected for citizen soldiers, not for any idiot who wants to own a rapid-fire killing machine. We are dying every day.


Where is the money coming from to pay for electric-vehicle charging stations? If from Municipal Lighting Dept., shouldn’t ratepayers have a say?


I see the P-R is once again the official paper of the New Jersey (NY) Giants and Jets. Large color articles about what Eli Manning had for lunch at training. They don’t even play in NY state. Buffalo Bills are only team playing in NY state and sparse coverage.


Last year I wrote about the cigarette butts strewn about in front of the Government Center. I’m guessing the person in charge of cleanup must have gotten a “job” at CVPH. The cigarette butts littering the ground just outside the main entrance are staggering.


A fast-food restaurant is leaving. Better get all up in arms over the decision and demand they stay or demand a new chain restaurant come in. There’s more to life than debating about fat-laden, chain-restaurant food.


It takes courage and respect for the common good to speak out in order to shed light on harmful events that have and continue to take place at institutions. Truths get ignored, victims are shamed, often retaliation takes place. The flagpole on your property could be bent in half; letters could be sent to your workplace containing pure lies with hopes that your job would be terminated; administrators will try to shut you down to keep secrets kept. Too bad most sheep in the know put their heads down and follow the herd. Time for change.


Tragically, another beautiful dog got hit by a car on Cumberland Head Road. We, as pet owners, are responsible for their care, love and safety. If you can not fully and completely accept this responsibility, please don’t own one.


Tearing down two buildings takes care of Cook Street. The entire village is quickly becoming an eyesore. Longtime residents are leaving. Absentee landlords are buying who don’t have to look at their eyesores. Mayor and board, look around you. Kudos to those who still take pride in their homes.


Just once I would like to go out to eat in downtown Plattsburgh without having someone come up asking for money. If the city cannot get rid of these beggars, I will start eating out in the town of Plattsburgh, where I can just drive by them and their signs.


Cogan Ave. is now getting shoddy patchwork but is still un-walkable for families, not to mention a safety issue with all of the heaved pavement and pot holes. Do the right thing and pave.


The “Welcome to the City of Plattsburgh” sign in front of the former Rite Aid continues to not be addressed. A little bit of paint, a flower box, and TLC would go along way... not much pride when it comes to this mayor and council. Sad.


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