Child care

New York state, are you trying to break the backs of your people? In these tough economic times, my daughter finds a job and needs help with day care, and what does New York state tell her? No. I guess NY would rather her not have a job and go on welfare.


When I first read of the misguided individuals who are going to Wall Street to demonstrate, I was disgusted with the P-R for seemingly sanctioning them. As I thought about it I realized the P-R is actually exposing the "progressive coalition" for the fraud that it is. Why are they protesting the very same people whose taxes they want to increase?


I read of another "accident" at the corner of Cornelia and Prospect. I put that in quotes because it is no accident when someone makes a conscious decision to run a red light. This occurs two or three times every time that light changes. Going too fast or not paying attention are also decisions that are made that put others at risk. Ignoring maintenance is also a choice. Vehicles have to be inspected to prevent mechanical failure; why should drivers who persistently run red lights not have to be re-inspected (road test)?


Where are the ethics of some SUNY Plattsburgh professors? They are obligated to teach 30 weeks in the fall and spring semesters, leaving over 15 weeks off during winter break and the summer. Yet some have no qualms taking a week or longer for a personal vacation during the time they are obligated to teach. The lack of accountability of academics in higher education is what has so many of us jaded. If we are to believe that your expertise and teaching are valuable to students and worth the rising cost of tuition, you need to be in your classrooms.


This may be a silly gripe to some people, but isn't there some regulations as to the height that tissue dispensers are installed at our local stores and restaurants? As a handicapped person, I can tell you that some are positioned so low that no wheelchair person will ever make that reach. Many of the aged cannot bend that far down. Others are quite high, but are somewhat easier to maneuver. It sure would be nice to be able to reach this.


Teachers are asking for more supplies then when I was a kid. Just this year alone, my children both needed scientific calculators and regular calculators. The only things that children should have to supply is paper, pens, pencils, rulers and erasers. If a teacher wants more, then they can provide. Also, having to pay for homemade CDs for chorus? Whatever happened to practice in school? We practiced in school, and we still had nice concerts.


My son, who is 13, put his wallet on the roof of my car at Walgreens when he had to get out of the car to let his sister in. Thank you so much for not being an honest person. That was all his birthday money he just got. We were on our way to the mall so he could spend his $201. And let me tell you, we turned right around. You could of handed it in.


For those of you that live in Champlain you may already know that there are five stray kittens on the corner of Church Street and Main Street. Every night, I drive by them, and it breaks my heart. I already have a cat that I rescued at my apartment, and I am not supposed to have her, so saving these kittens is not an option for me. However, I am hoping that people who live in Champlain see this and rescue them. Even if you can only take one home, it is better than them freezing to death.


The property-tax cap isn't even 1 year old, and already the Franklin County legislators want to override it, adding another 12.95 percent to property taxes. People are struggling, taxpayers are fed up with our failing government from national down to local levels. If county legislators vote to override the tax cap, shame on them, and shame on us if we re-elect these same legislators next time. Property-tax cap was passed into law for a reason, to give property owners relief.

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