For those of you looking for ways to help the planet and save some money, check out, and there's a Plattsburgh group. Already, I've given away stuff I didn't need and found stuff that I did. And all of that would've been in the dump.


I was browsing the classifieds this morning and saw an ad for 38 cans of cat food for $7. I was wondering if this person had considered donating this food to a local agency, whether it be a local vet or a local animal shelter, who would either use it themselves or find someone who could.


Responding to the criticism of administrators who are absent from school events, Hannah's Hope was a fundraiser, it was not a school-sponsored event, so therefore it was not necessary for administration to be on site. Before people criticize administrators and athletic directors, perhaps they should check their work hours. Most are at work by 7 a.m., and with meetings and school sponsored events, ADs in particular, are still there at 9 or 10 at night, depending on which sports season it is.


Can somebody tell us why some post offices are listed in the phone book and others are not—


Bullying must be stopped. It's gone way too far, and these teachers who are there to protect us and teach us are not doing their job. You know what's going to happen — there's going to be another Columbine.


To the person who complained about having a half day of school in September: You suggested doing teacher meetings on weekends or evenings. Tell me, do you do that in your job— Half days are not wasted days. It is the only time we can get with our colleagues from other schools to discuss our curriculum and best teaching practices. We have parent/teacher conferences at night, open house in the evening and often come in early or stay late to accommodate parents. Please give us a few early release days to help improve our educational standards. Thanks for your support.


In response to the person who had the bad experience on finding a faucet at a mom and pop dealer. Buying online does nothing for the community. If you had that experience, I'm sure the owners would want to know; complain to them. Let's hope you don't spring a leak. I'd like to see you get it fixed online. The fact is, spending locally is the only way the community grows and pays your bills, unless you have an online business.


Sixteen-year-old drivers: only to and from work after dark. Only with over-18-year-old passengers, only during the day, to school and back. Seventy-five-plus crowd: even if half blind and too confused to find home, even if passed drivers test in 1923 in a Model T, even if so deaf that at home "Wheel of Fortune" is at full volume while you sleep through it. You won't even be asked back in to do an eye test until you kill someone. Guess who has voting power.


There are people who won't stop drinking and driving. It doesn't matter what you do. The three-strikes law should apply to them. Just put them in prison for the rest of their lives. That way we can have ours.


Why should people pay such high school taxes for Peru— We are paying for people that don't even live in the district to bring their kids to their parents to get on the bus and go to Peru School when they live in the Beekmantown District. They have been reported, but nothing was or has been done. What is the sense of having school districts if anyone from another school district can go to our school, with nothing being done about it—


I am tired hearing about people ripping on bicyclists. Getting their bikes insured is a ridiculous idea. And no, it will not stop them from running stop signs or not making hand signals to pass lanes, just like it won't change bad, dangerous drivers of automobiles. People will complain about anything. It is never going to stop.


Once again, no common sense: Just this morning, I saw yet again a college student walk right out into the crosswalk without ever looking either way. The college administration needs to inform their students that just because it's a crosswalk, you still need to look both ways.


People, use some sense and put your cell phone away while at the checkout. You make me embarrassed for you for being so ill mannered.


I'm a hunter, have been since I was 16 ... 36 years now, and I never once targeted and shot at a street sign, nor have I hunted within range of my rifles near any homes or residential areas. Besides, if you live that close to "hunting grounds," then you should teach your children about the dangers. The DEC trains hikers this time of year to do the same. Take responsibility of and for your children and pets. They (pets) should be on leashes. Right—


You know what ... I think many people in the North Country must be walking the Earth with blinders on. They live among us, and yet they don't seem to have a clue of anything that is going on around them. At the same time, they make wild accusations and comments about subjects and people they know little, if anything, about, then post those accusations and comments here and other blogs and such media. When are people going to arm themselves with the facts before making wild accusations and rumors— It annoys those of us who try to be informed citizens.


Why did the government scrape the top layer of perfectly good asphalt off Route 9 North from Scomotion Creek up past the new movie theater and do the same to Route 22B south of Morrisonville, only to repave it— Who knows what other roads received this unneeded work. Sure they got stimulus money, but couldn't they put it to better use—


Ham Radio in the news! I'm a ham radio operator, and recently have seen a couple of articles about my hobby in the local newspaper, namely here in the P-R. Kudos to those who took the time to write and report them. Our hobby is little known by the general public, and those who have heard of us often mistake us for CBers. Hams are a world away from what has become CB. Besides the frequencies that are CB once belonged to hams, and were much more respectable.


Is the new traffic light that's been installed for months at the corner of North Catherine and Boynton Avenue ever going to be activated— A left-turn arrow is really needed for eastbound traffic.


We need to stop importing goods, etc., from other countries, with the exception of Canada, and put our country back in the manufacturing business. We have the ability to do this, but it will take voters to decide whether the "ship jobs overseas" companies will survive our efforts to put a stop to these rich people doing business outside the USA. We could be the manufacturing giant we once were, but we need to stop the socialist regime that is now in place. Thousands of jobs could be had if we revamp our manufacturing system.

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