Please donate that old bike you no longer use to the college bike program, biketopia, or the community bike rehab program. Someone will repair it, and it will hit the road again. Occupy Plattsburgh responsibly.


Protests in the Middle East: We cheer them on and urge the governments to allow their people to peacefully gather without being arrested or beaten. Protests here at home? Oh, those are un-American, they shouldn't be allowed to do that.


To the lady who was mad because her daughter had gotten a job and couldn't get child-care help. Too bad. Maybe if she hadn't gotten pregnant to begin with, she wouldn't need help. Where's the father? It's handouts like this that are making the state go broke. Maybe if these kids thought about this first, they wouldn't be so quick to get pregnant. And you're no help, mom, complaining about not getting help for her. Parents like you are part of the problem. Time to set an example for kids nowadays.


Thank you, North Stars football. We attended the North Star games this season to support the group of players, coaches and volunteers, and observed how you handled yourselves with great dignity and solid dedication. Although the last game was tough and wasn't a win on the scoreboard, it was a win on the field because of your professionalism. You are a class act representing the North Country well. Cheers to the North Stars football organization.

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