I noticed the zombie house on Couch St has been remodeled with a new large blue tarp. Maybe if the judge who ordered this “improvement” lived on the same street, its fate would be the wrecking ball.


I see where SUNY Plattsburgh had a special ceremony for certain groups on campus. The college preaches about how divisive this country is, but they themselves create and perpetuate more divisiveness than most institutions. The campus is great for playing identity politics and compartmentalizing people. It truly is a disservice to the students and ill prepares them for the working world.


Isn’t it interesting, frustrating, but not surprising that local and county assessments come with no explanation on how the increase is calculated? It’s just, here you go, too bad, so sad and good luck.


It’s pretty clear what needs to be done with a city council saying those protesting are a minor voice when we see no big group supporting the development plan, these seats often run unopposed. No more. Every yes vote seat gets real opposition. Remember come voting season. They’ll listen when they see opposition.


A big thank you to the Champlain Valley Outdoor Shooting Club in West Chazy for listening to the concerns of the neighbors and limiting hours. You get to enjoy your land, and we get to enjoy our land. It’s so nice when there is a workable solution for all.


If the city leaders don’t want to fix our rough roads. Then perhaps they should utilize them in the winter time for a ski event. They are so rough that it would be like downhill skiing on Whiteface without going to Whiteface. Maybe they could close the worst section of Upper Cornelia Street, which is on a bit of a hill. And host a downhill ski event for revenue. Oh and don’t forget the mogul they just installed on Prospect Avenue as a repair. It’s an 1 inch or more higher than the road either side of the patch.


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