To all the protesters: Don't you have any regards for people's lives? We need to open back slowly. These people should have saved some money for emergency situations. Sad that money is more important than people's lives.



Why do people not wear a mask out in public right now? Don't you care what happens to your family or mine?



I sit here watching states reopening “essential” businesses - hair/nail salons, massage parlors, tattoo parlors and beaches - while adhering to strict coronavirus guidelines. Social distancing? How? I hope these people who rushed to the nail salons and the like are not doing it on the country’s unemployment dime.



Why don't the local school districts automatically go to a contingency budget for the upcoming year? I know these budgets should be voted on, but this could be waived as a one-time option due to the virus. By doing this, there would be no tax increase, as people have no money and would not vote on an increase to begin with.



How come the Champlain citizens were not informed about a vote conducted by their local fire department requesting an additional $800,000 to build their new station? The only notification was an announcement in the legal section of the Press-Republican. Shouldn’t the taxpayers be mailed something informing them of an upcoming vote? Not everyone gets the paper.



You see all kinds of news about landlords giving free rent or reduced rent during this crazy pandemic. Well there is a local landlord that is actually raising rents.



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