I have a great cost-saving idea for the City of Plattsburgh: Maybe you shouldn’t cut the grass twice in four days. That’s right. I watched as the grass was cut on a Monday from the larger mower. A few days later, there was another crew of four mowing the same grass cut three days earlier. Maybe cut the grass with one machine and have a crew of two do the weed whacking? Recutting with two more machines is redundant and wasteful.


Trump's trade war is hurting the American people. We can't afford higher prices. Especially if you're on a fixed income. Deficit is way out of control. Not to mention gun control, which something must be done. Next time there is a shooting, it could be you. Last but not least: Trump's tax returns. He is hiding something. If he has nothing to hide, then show the American people. We have a right to know. About time he did his job instead of tweeting all day long or playing golf all day.


When will this paper start covering the truth of the Russia collusion story? Biggest corruption scandal of all times, perpetrated by Obama’s Justice Dept. against an incoming and now duly elected president. The seriousness of the crimes committed by our intelligence agencies against Donald Trump still being covered up. Shameful.


Please stop the degrading cartoons aimed at our president. Try balancing all the past negative ones with some “positives” he has accomplished. Many of us are sick of seeing these attacks at our president. President Trump has done many wonderful and life-changing things for our country. It is always better to “raise up someone” vs. “putting a person down.” Nothing good comes from hurting or degrading a person. Much good can come from lifting that person up for the good he has done.


Two weeks ago, I was stopped at the border, and my six pears were seized. So last week, I had to hide my fruit and vegetables when I crossed the border. What bothers me is the border guard told me the reason was to prevent bugs from infesting the fruit crop in the USA. So how does one explain the endless truckloads of trash crossing from Canada to the Clinton County landfill? Look for the 18-wheelers.


There are way too many people taking advantage of the American Disabilities Act by passing their pets off as service animals.


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