The Virginia Beach shooting is the 150th mass shooting so far in 2019. We need gun control now. What is it going to take? If terrorists killed that many, we'd be at war.



I just saw a State Police car on Route 3 watching the traffic with binoculars. If you're chatting on a cell phone, whether against your ear or on speakerphone, in your hand, it's a ticketable offense. You have been warned.



I recently made a purchase at Lowe’s using my military veteran’s discount (10% off). The cashier asked me if I was a veteran, I gave her my phone number, and then she asked to see my ID to verify. She explained they had to do this because there were some customers who weren’t military or veterans claiming this discount using phone numbers of military/veteran friends and neighbors. What a despicable thing to do in order to save a few buck



I was recently pulled over for a burned-out headlamp. No problem. A fix-it ticket was issued, I had it repaired, inspected, done. Ironically, I was pulled over just after the Richard Perry Bridge on South Catherine, next to Stewart's. Two street lamps haven't worked on the northeast side of the bridge for months. Can I give the city a 24-hour fix-it ticket?



Has anyone driven down Cogan Avenue lately? Being the highly traveled street that it is, why have we not seen any repair to this street? It is a close second to the disaster they just fixed on Cornelia Street.



I just would like to say kudos to the city crew who paved Cornelia Street. What a great job they did. The road is very smooth, and the drainage areas are level with the road, as they should be. Thank you for a job well done with minimal interference.



Funny, you burn a Trump flag or an American flag and it’s OK. Burn a LGBTQ flag and be changed with a hate crime. How wussafied has this country become. Take me back to the time when men were men and women were women.




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