Who benefits from the Prime Co. take over of the city lot? The cost of rearranging the parking is in the millions. The cost per year to the school districts will be in the millions. While Prime is expecting to pay combined school, county and city tax of just $150K per year. Schools will have increased students with no funding. Homeowners' taxes will increase. Businesses lose customers. Existing apartment dwellers lose access. The lot loses the Farmers Market. Who wins?


Cogan Avenue must be re-paved in the City of Plattsburgh. As a “gateway” to the City's West End neighborhood, as well as a high traffic “pass-though” connecting Rugar and Cornelia Street, respectively, Cogan Ave.’s current condition is an absolute disgrace. I urge the city to at least introduce curbing and re-pave from Cornelia St. to Park Avenue, as this will be a nice first step and allow families to once again enjoy walking/running in our neighborhood.


Dormitory Drive is there to help area residents with addiction problems. What I'm not happy about is the uptick in thefts at the store where I work. Or the needles thrown in the trash my coworkers take out. Or the number of people who come in high. It's not safe.


Paid parking in downtown Plattsburgh is coming soon, thanks to the inept current Common Council. It's a shame that the Common Council never consulted with the local downtown businesses, who will be immediately and potentially irreversibly hurt by this unfortunate decision. Reverse this decision now.


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