Well, here it is June 17th, and in the paper today it stated the beach will not open yet as water too high. Last year, it was the lack of lifeguards. Wonder what it will be next year. Can’t be that the powers that be are aware of the revenue the beach pulls in for the city. No, let’s tear down a bank to make a parking lot. Makes sense, right?


On high-speed State Route 9 at Bluff Point Golf are three new pedestrian crossings. This is an inevitable accident potential if one is to stop for a crossing golfer and get rear-ended or fail to stop for a golf cart and hit it since it is not a pedestrian.


Maybe someone could get the state cops around here to turn on their headlights while on patrol before it gets totally pitch black outside. You are not stealth fighter pilots. You are public servants. I also thought the troopers were so supposed check their vehicles out before they leave the cop shop. Three Popeyes (one headlight working) observed in the last three months on three different days. Anyone else seeing this?


Beekmantown people go to your Town Council meetings to find out what is going on in our town. Some officials did not have an increase on their assessments. Why? Are we paying for the salt problem on Haynes Road and Ashley roads? 


Three suggestions for city leadership: 1. Make the intersection at Park Ave West and Sandra Ave. a 4-way stop. It’s the only intersection in the West End that’s not 4-way, and it’s directly next to the park... lots of kids and very dangerous. 2. Pave Cogan Ave. Absolutely shameful. 3. Fix the “Welcome to The City of Plattsburgh” sign in front of the former Rite-Aid. Do we have any pride in our great city?


I would like to see city employees, starting with the mayor, parking on the street and moving their car every two hours. They have no idea what city residents parking downtown go through. I challenge them to do this for one week. This will give you a better understanding of what everyone else does. Make your own parking space accessible to the public. Walk in someone else’s shoes.


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