So, teachers are paid the huge amount of $45 an hour this summer? Has the writer of the article called for a plumber, electrician or car mechanic lately? Since when does a "news" article editorialize, anyway? No wonder we call it the Press-Repulsive!


I enjoyed today's (7-10-10) front page article: Proud to be an American. One thing kind of puzzled me though: new citizens say the Pledge of Allegiance, but "old citizen" school kids don't have to? Is this a great country or what?


I feel the pain of the unemployed person at the Plattsburgh OneWorkSource who had to wait while a worker filled their fish tank. I was laid off for the first time after working 18 years for the same company. I was told to go to OneWorkSource. I was treated rudely by the receptionists who were sitting around talking and drinking coffee. The "services" were no better. I felt like I was a bother to the staff. I wouldn't go back even if I was starving. I have signed up for a Civil Service exam though. They have great jobs.

July 4

This year's Rouses Point Fourth of July fest could have been a lot better. What going on with Rouses Point. I remember when I was a kid their fest went on for a week now it's only two days now. No rides for the kids no games for them at all. What's next nothing at all? This event brings lots of money to the community and yet it's only two days long now with just vendors there that mostly sell junk.


I just returned from vacation and read Paul Grasso's last three columns. I especially enjoyed the one on the problems veterans are having finding jobs. I find his columns informative and thoughtful and his conversational writing style easy to read. Congratulations on bringing him onboard.

Summer school

Is it just me? I don't care if the taxes I pay go to summer school programs, but four weeks of school? Kids leave for two weeks of hockey or soccer, skipping school, and it still counts as going to summer school. I thought you had to actually go to school to learn the subject you failed so you would pass your grade. Are there no more tests? I guess not in Chazy. Sports count more than reading and writing. Maybe some parents just use summer school as a cheap day care. Where are the teachers?


WPTZ Channel 5 is the station "Where the Vermont News Comes First." Ninety-five percent of the coverage is from Vermont and not New York. Tom just gives us the weather and forget the chit chat we all suffer from and Gib (take off the jeans) and dress up. Slanted sports coverage in favor of Vermont. The station is New-York based and covers Vermont news while ignoring Plattsburgh and the area. I wish the station would move to Vermont. That is my opinion, what's yours?


It's so pleasant living in the southwest where you receive a warning and not a ticket for a burned out headlight. Courtesy, a "unified police force" not unionized. Fire departments, known as unified firefighter's not unionized. New York state and other's need to wake up. Unions thought to be helpful at one time are now lobbying monsters that are breaking the backs of the taxpayers and hurting the morale of those who really want to work on the job. Unions create a terrible work atmosphere and are truly dividers. There are administrators that are useless troublemakers also.


I am amazed how people go around saying they don't swear. They don't like it if a person swears. And yet are doing all kinds of immoral things. If a swear word slips out, yes it sounds terrible, but there are worst things going on around us. I will watch my swearing if you quit judging people, how's that for a challenge?


The Press article revealing that summertime teachers are paid $45 per hour is yet one more example of the City School District's administrative ineptitude. The School Board and the superintendent should be striving for the highest possible academic achievement of our students, not the highest possible salaries and benefits for employees. There is seldom any mention of teacher supervision or accountability. There is no positive correlation between teacher salaries and teaching effectiveness. People who earn minimum wage at fast-food restaurants are more accountable for their job performance than our teachers.


Congratulations to the 25 naturalized citizens at the Clinton Community College ceremony, especially Tenzin and Yangchen Dorjee of Tibet. While China continues its cruel and communistic rule of your culture, family and country, I'm proud that you can at least call America your surrogate home. For more information on Tibet and China's wrongful occupation, Google "10 quick facts about Tibet" or visit


Its really sad that two parents working full time, decent paying jobs, have to use their child as a source of income by filing for SSI benefits, when there is nothing physically wrong that affects their everyday living or causes learning disabilities. What kind of values are they teaching this child, just because they live a lot bigger than their budget?


Just a thought about ABC program being cut from Peru but why does a school district have a class to teach morals, manners, respect, etc really? When I grew up my parents did that kind of teaching. It's called raising your children. Where are the parents?


To Complaining on July 12th, it's difficult to be nice all the time especially when everywhere you turn there are people that are losing their jobs, houses and can no longer afford to send their kids to college. Professionals are now living on rations. To have never had anything and then get something is a wonderful experience. To have had it all and lose in it in a mere few words of you are terminated due to lack of funding is devastating at best. These times bring sadness; these times bring complaints. Try to be understanding.


To all residents living in the Town of Plattsburgh ambulance districts. Pay attention to what the town board is going to do with the consolidation of the two ambulance districts. It is not as simple as it sounds and depending on what they decide, your emergency ambulance service and the cost to run them could be adversely affected. Ask the board questions and find out what is really going on with the consolidation, don't let this decision fly under the radar without getting all the details. By the way, residents in the two other towns involved should also pay attention.

Summer work

Teachers get $45 per hour for summer work. Really? Remember that teachers may be off for the summer, but they are paid for a full year in their school jobs. Pretty good gig for double dipping. Bet this counts towards retirement too. Again, strong union walks on local taxpayers. Who cares how many hours you have to work to pay for these salaries. Obviously, they don't.


Chicago residents can now have one gun in their house after they jump through so many hoops they are dizzy. Guess the Constitution and Supreme Court don't really count. Local politicians can reel out the red tape, wipe away your constitutional guarantees and flush the rights of the people. Are the "illegal" element limited to one gun in their homes? Who pays the price for being a free American? Certainly not the criminal element. It's the ones who try to do the right thing that are the focus of the politicians' taxes and regulations. Remember on Election Day.

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