A certain fast-food restaurant should not let the employees who smoke all hang out around the building when on break. They all look terrible, and they need to go in a certain area to smoke. And family members shouldn’t hang around their work, either.


People really need to teach their children not to run around and disrupt people in public places. I went to a school concert to see the kids on stage, not the ones that were blocking the aisles and running around. Where were the parents?


Obamacare — there are so many of us that can’t afford it and don’t want it. The IRS is going to enforce it. They have the news channels pushing it. Our jobs are all going part time or closing. What country do we live in?


The snow is on the roads, and people don’t feel safe without taking a portion of the middle of the road. This is why head-on collisions are the third-most prevalent type of accident in the North Country. If you are that unsure of your driving ability, stay home.


Well cold weather is here; bicyclists on the road are fewer. Seems like it’s their road during the summer; we just get to drive on them. When do they start paying for the bike lanes etc. with fees like the rest of the world? I think it’s time they pay too.


Please remember to pull over to the outside lane and slow down on the Thruway when the State Troopers have their flashing lights on and have someone pulled over. Let’s be safe and courteous to each other and save lives. A little kindness goes a long way. Let’s avoid tragedy.


Thank you to the homeowners at the corner of Sanborn Ave. and Broad St. As a child, I enjoyed watching Santa go up and down your chimney, and now my children enjoy watching him. Driving by your house has become a family tradition.


If Obamacare is so great, why did Congress get an exemption? The Democrats read it after they passed it and found that those with the high incomes of their office would pay a steep annual premium. Our intrepid congressman tapped dance around this in your recent article.


Re: all the people arrested for drugs. Part of their sentence should be paying for their medical expenses while incarcerated. Why should we be paying that?


Forecasted for 1-2 inches of ice, and we get half an inch. Cheers to the meteorologists for this marvelous prediction. My sympathy for all those utility trucks that came all the way from Texas. A more reliable prediction would of saved a lot of gas.


Being a plow operator in the county, we are only doing our job, so don’t yell at us for filling in your driveway. We are trying to make the roads safe for all drivers. We are not trying to annoy you. Give us a break; we are driveway owners too.


Another winter and another season where nobody shovels sidewalks regardless of the law. Don’t have another City Hall meeting to waste tax money on it; you’ve had one every year. Photocopy the notes and get our huge police force to go do something about it.


I am watching how hard the guys work at a local restaurant seating people. Any person who thinks this is not work better think again. And so polite and kind to people. My hats off to you, young man; you do this restaurant justice with your hard work.


Retirees are on fixed incomes, but I’m not? Minimum wage, adjusted for inflation, has dropped dramatically since the ‘60s. Student loans to pay and a family to raise and I didn’t have 40 years working to save anything. I’m mooching according to the elderly because I can’t feed my family.


The county vehicles are purchased for the needs of the county departments. Making county employees drive to Elizabethtown to get a vehicle to do their job is ridiculous. Wake up, supervisors.

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