School taxpayers, pay attention. Budget time is coming. We pay the salaries of 13 different building administrators/directors in a district with a declining student population. And don't forget the monthly early release days. More time that our kids are not being taught. Wasted time and money.


Where are all those tea party members to protest the huge deficit spending Trump is running up? Tax cuts and increased spending and not a peep? Republicans scream debt until they are in power.


Not sure who the city sidewalks belong to? Try digging the sidewalk up, paving over it or building on it. You will find out quickly. If the Town of Plattsburgh and other small cities can plow their sidewalks, so can Plattsburgh for the sky-high taxes they collect. We're not talking NYC here. They can also do a better job plowing. Cars were parked in the middle of the lanes on Oak and North Catherine because the snowbanks extended into the streets. I saw a handicapped man with a cane walking in the street on Margaret Street because the sidewalk was buried. Lawsuit. I think the city would be held liable.


If you're intrigued by cheaper Canadian drugs, consider why that is. 1) Highly regulated drug companies, also known as big gov. 2) Higher taxes to subsidize. As if our taxes weren't high enough in New York. Their big gov and high taxes also provides everyone with a health-care card. No deductibles or co-pays. And no, Canadians aren't dying in the streets due to the overplayed "long wait times." If we're going to consume their cheap pills, why don't we adopt single-payer health care?


School bullies, what do we do? So scared to have it come back on us if we say something. It's almost like many put up with it for so long till it explodes. Stop bullying, please.


Years ago, my late husband and I prepared a brochure for local schools, public venues, etc. to sell and provide various metal-detection devices and other materials that would detect materials that could possibly be a potential danger. My husband, soon after, was doing lock work in a local school in northern New York. He spoke to an authority in the school about what we could provide. He was told — yes, believe it or not — "Things like that don't happen here." And, yes, not one facility even inquired about devices that could be utilized for possible dangers. Alas.


The NRA and the politicians that agree with them have enabled more American murders than any terrorist group. NRA propaganda is deadlier than ISIS propaganda by far.


In recent weird news, Moscow residents found the only way to get snow cleared from sidewalks was to write names of politicians opposing Putin in the snow in dye. He orders it shoveled and out of view. Maybe Plattsburgh residents could use this loophole.

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