To the individual who stated that “City residents paid for the digital sign” at PHS, you are fake news. Take the time to read Board of Ed. agenda/minutes; the sign was donated to the District by BCA Architects and Engineers at zero cost to city taxpayers. RE the George Angel Dr. location of the sign, this is the main entrance to the school and the athletic complex.



I opened the sports page today to see coverage of the Bruins and the Habs. The New York Rangers beat the Penguins in OT last night. Not a word of coverage. What state do we live in?



After watching several hours of the impeachment proceedings in the last few days, I can honestly say that I am ashamed to be a Republican. And talking with close friends, they feel the same way. The Republican Party has seen the last donation from myself or my family.



I continue to be very disappointed in the service at a local drive-thru chain. I have kept track of my last 20 visits, and my order has been wrong an astounding 11 times. Further, the parking lot is full of uneven asphalt and potholes. This franchise can and should do better.



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