Yard sale

The items that are in a yard sale had been purchased and sales taxes had been paid originally when the item was new. These items were not bought wholesale. Why should I consider it income? I paid income taxes on the money I used to buy these items originally. Should I have to pay income taxes on the same $1 twice?


Why aren't the plastic containers that grapes, strawberries, etc., recycled? They are easy to clean and could be used again or melted down instead of sending to the landfill. This material will never break down.


Welcome to the People's Republic of New York nanny state: George Mason University has conducted a three-year study of personal and economic freedom for all 50 states. The freest states in the country are New Hampshire, Colorado and South Dakota. New York is ranked dead last in personal freedom, by a considerable margin.


America is in the middle of a cultural war. The combatants' goal is to remove your birthright to think and say what you feel. In the most basic sense, it is a struggle to define what is "accepted" in society and by extension what is not.


Today, when I was in Plattsburgh, a couple motorcycles drove past me, revving their engines up so loud, it woke up my infant sleeping in the back seat. Needless to say, she was screaming and crying because she had gotten scared. I am not one to tell people what to do, but please be considerate of other people on the road. When I have to pull over to calm my baby down because of you trying to look cool, I get a little upset.


In today's paper of July 1 there is an article entitled "Wrestling with Religion." It has just been a week, and already the homosexual agenda is aiming at the church. The church is a place for sinners, and no sin is greater than another, but when you continue in the sin and say you are Christian, you are a hypocrite. God's word says homosexuality is a sin, and for the press to glorify it is just wrong. I pray that the people in the article will repent and end their sin before it is too late.

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