So they want to poison millions and millions of geese. What will they do with all those poisoned geese? Burn them? Smoke, poisoned ashes. Bury them? Poisoned decaying birds. Rain, ground water contamination, water poisoning of rivers and streams. Add them to landfills? Non-burned could fill a landfill, maybe even burned could fill one. Meanwhile, millions of people on food stamps need food. Geese are good eating. Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach him to fish, he eats for a lifetime. Poor people who grow crops and hunt can eat.


I'm very proud of my neighbors. I live in Mooers, and my neighbors have lots of school-age kids/grandkids. They worked with their kids to grow a field of corn. They're now selling the corn at a roadside stand. This is their first year doing it. I hope people will come out to support them. I hope more people will plan, work on and complete outdoor projects with their children — especially gardening. When I was a kid, I went to church school in the AM, swimming lessons in the PM and gardened earlier, in between or later. You get fit; eat healthy.


Ok, so they kill millions of geese. Then more fly into engines. Do they get mad and kill all the geese? What next? The bald eagle? Any bird can fly into any engine. We need some way deter the birds from flying near the planes.

Class Act

I can't believe the amount of broadcast time WPTZ has spent on the Class Act supply drive. There isn't any other event or issue that is newsworthy enough to cover instead? Yet another handout expected for the entitled in New York state. My parents had to buy all our school supplies when I was in school; it would have been nice to get pencils and boxes of tissues for free. What are they going to ask to donate next, laptops and printers?


I was thinking, if we need to cut back on waste in the area, could we possibly look at the number and frequency of Clinton County Transit buses traveling on Cumberland Head? They are nearly always empty, and I'm sure people could adjust to a schedule of three trips per day instead of the current two buses every half hour. They aren't bike- and pedestrian-friendly, either, so this may save a life as well as money. Seems like another agency assuming nobody is watching.


Who owns money? Does the money belong to the government and do they have the right to control and redistribute it? Does the money belong to the people who give the government the right to use it? If we give the government the right to use it, do we have some say as to how it is spent? Congress seems to think otherwise and insists on spending more than we, our children, and our grandchildren can ever give them. Send a message to the government in November by voting for fiscal conservatives.


If you want to show off how loud your shiny motorcycle is, then could you not do it at 1:40 in the morning? People are sleeping at that time, and I'm pretty sure that they would like that you not wake up the whole block. I don't think that you want a neighborhood full of women in their curlers coming after you, so take the keys out and push it rather than rev it up.


You know a Letter to the Editor is hilarious when it starts out using the president's full name and ends with "I'm a lifetime member of the NRA". I'd like to know how exactly Obama is catering to Muslims in America? Especially since he is not Muslim himself. Furthermore, being Muslim is a religion, not a race, so to the person who wrote that letter, since you basically called yourself a racist, I will go ahead and call you a bigot while you're so busy labeling people incorrectly.

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