The north end of South Peru Street is in need of repaving. Of biggest concern: the intersection with Sheridan Avenue (Skyway Shopping Center). State DOT plows are located just nearby and have caused a huge dip in the road. The south end was repaved. How about the north end now?



Prospect Avenue has a 30-mph speed limit. There are many children who live on my stretch behind the hospital. How would you feel if you hit a child? It's also a challenge to pull into a driveway without getting back ended. Please slow down.



A sincere thank you to the woman in a Ford pickup who stopped after we hit a deer on the Northway in Keeseville around noon on July 27. She used her truck to protect us while we waited for the police to arrive. Thank you to the off-duty EMT who stopped to ensure we were OK.



Here is a sure-fire way for the city to make the money needed to repair the roads that are in very poor condition: Start fining the people who still ride their bikes on the sidewalk on the end of Margaret Street, where the bike path was made and driving lanes were taken away. Also ticket them for not following the rules of the road, for example, not respecting a red light and coming close to causing a bicycle car collision.



Good guy with a gun? So when the SWAT team arrives and they see that person with their gun, guess who gets shot?



Every country has mental illness, video games; the difference is the guns. Nobody needs the firepower the NRA and their supporters advocate. How many must die before we join the other civilized nations in reasonable gun control?


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