Going to church was never shoved down anyone's throat in my house. Sunday was and is a day of church, family, Sunday family dinners and get-togethers that my family still wants. If their religion was so awful, then why do they baptise their children in the same religion and send those children for first communion? The reason they don't go regularly is too busy of a lifestyle. Perhaps more services at different times would help.


Would someone please take the thesaurus away from the person who uses verbiage rather than fact to opine and give him an elementary grammar course. A sentence consists of a noun and a verb and ends with a period. A comma is a list separator. I realize that "tense" may be a little to much to grasp at this point but "singular" and "plural" should be expected. Also, get the facts straight before attacking the tea party.


A recent poll indicated that 67 percent of the voters favored non-incumbents regardless of political party. If that statistic is valid, it would seem that the only ones who don't want to "throw the bums out" are the bums or those on the bums' gravy trains. The Press-Republican has done a wonderful job of covering the UNYTEA events. I have never seen any of the hate, anger, racism or any negative actions that those who have never attended report mention.


Our community is fortunate to be home to one of the finest institutions of higher learning in New York. I recently learned that SUNY Plattsburgh offers several courses in mass media and journalism. Before criticizing FOX News or the Press-Republican, people should learn what it takes to investigate and report on a topic and not just form an opinion based on what they have heard.


The person who thinks that making comedy of the news is funny must have really laughed on 9/11 when the economy went sour and unemployment hit 10 percent. I hope you are still laughing when your tax rate hits 60 percent and you have to pay a VAT tax on everything you purchase. Let's see how funny it is when every expenditure over $600 has to be reported on a 1099 to the IRS.


During these trying financial times, with so many cuts to our local school districts, is anyone else wondering where the money from the NYS Lottery, which promised so much to our state educational system, is ending up? When times are desperate, people tend to spend more on lottery tickets. So where is all this lottery money being spent?


I'm still amazed at how many people don't stand up and remove their hats for the national anthem. I, being a Iraq vet and serving four years in the U.S. Marine Corps, take this as a huge disrespect. You may not support the wars or what they are about, but show the young men and women overseas your support as well as pride in your country. I can say this from a former military standpoint: Hearing my nation's national anthem gives me cold chills every single time!


Since NYS makes one register all vehicles and recreational vehicles and charges tax on the fuel so that they can maintain the roads, then perhaps all bicycles should have to be registered so that they can help maintain the roadways and pay their fair share of the upkeep, at least any that ride on public roads. While you're at it, make them get insurance also because they do cause accidents. Think of the revenue from the tickets that NYSP could write for violations. It could balance the state budget.


Peru needs a small motel/hotel! There is a perfect spot next to McDonald's! I am sure the fishermen, skiers, tourists, etc. would really appreciate a nice place to stay while visiting the area ... beats some of the other options.

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