The Air Force was kind enough to leave us a memorial when they left: two vintage aircraft that represent the history of Plattsburgh AFB. Our local officials have not taken care of these planes. They are dirty and in need of cleaning. I'm sure that someone is accountable for the planes.They are a part of our heritage, so take care of them.


It is disheartening after packing up to go camping only to get to a New York state campground and have it full. Full of out-of-state and out-of-country campers. My tax dollars pay for those campsites. If New York stae wants extra income it should look to the people who benefit from us, the tax payers. Charge more to out of state/country campers. They do not help the economy...maybe a bag of ice. Campers pack everything they need at home. Why am I augmenting campers out of state, while I pay and camp in my front yard?


While I do feel for Mr. Ortloff's family for being put through all this anguish, I am appalled that his sister believes that his family is the only victim. I do not know if Ms. Cameron has children or not but would you feel the same if it was your child he was looking at or trying to arrange a sexual tryst with. What an insult to all the children and families that have been through that horror.


Are you kidding me? Have all you foolish do-gooders looked at your school taxes? How do they get away with these lies. You wait and see the results of flooding these part-time teachers with stimulus money. Again, once this money dries up the taxpayers are left footing these outrageous salaries and benefits. Get these teachers off the school board and institute term limits. What does it take to get term limits on the ballot. If the legislators can create this why can't we the taxpayers. Come on Duprey and Little, do something meaningful to earn your pay.


To all the people who think fox news is a joke, there are absolutely right!


According to New York State Law, motorcycles need to be seen and heard!. Eighty-five disables for cars, 110 for bikes. Ever notice that all bike accidents was from an inattentive car operator?


To everyone who writes in Speakout just to complain... I really think that you need to grow up. Nobody cares so just don't write it. Speakout should be a place where people can write about topics of things that they appreciate, such as the topic "'Burgh". If you have such a big problem with something, why don't you do something about it. Instead of just complaining.


I feel that some retail and restaurant employees really need to learn how to be polite. I went to McDonald's on the day of the grand re-opening awhile ago and the woman I spoke to at the drive-thru was being very rude. That was the last time I ate at that restaurant.


There have been many complaints that Abercrombie & Fitch and its brands have very rude associates and I disagree. The Hollister store in Plattsburgh has very kind associates. They all go out of their way to help customers. I do not work for this company. Later I went to American Eagle Outfitters two stores down to try on some merchandise and the woman in the fitting room wasn't even nice enough to smile or even make eye contact with me. If there are rude A&F associates you'll probably find them in big cities.


There should be more love in this world. Everyone who writes these Speakouts is just trying to make people believe their opinions without letting people know who they are. There is no love in their words. Well I'm all about love and love others for who they are and what they do. Just accept people as they are. Don't get angry, or jealous or controlling. Just love. When was the last time you told your wife or girlfriend you love them. Make sure you tell them once a day. Show them you love them. But most off all, make sure they feel loved and that you're happy with who they are.


When will police and courts enforce the law against using cell phones while driving? Drive in Plattsburgh for an hour and you will see constant violations, yet no arrests, convictions and fines paid ($180 including court costs) are reported. How about at least a jeer from the editor to get the local and state police to take action to protect the public?


In response to Rundown: Come visit Rouses Point. When you enter from the south you see the dilapidated eyesore that once was the Saxony Hotel. From there the drive is nice with homes well maintained. In the downtown area it is ghastly. One building with shredding paper over filthy windows and other buildings sitting empty. The former Anchorage hotel is an eyesore. But the flowers and gazebo are supposed to attract tourists......yeah, right! Not even a grocery store for the locals and boaters — now that's embarrassing!


With the shortage of RN's you would wonder why these "Quality" RN's would not be more compassionate to there "less qualified" co-working RN's. Don't they fill in when you call in sick or need a day off or cover vacation's regardless of BSN? The morale must be terrific not to mention the working environment. They're not knocking the door's down at CVPH to work according to the help-wanted ads. Some day a law might be passed where LPN's will be doing your job. Then you can attack them also. Divided you lose and so does patient care.


What's all this complaining about hairdressers? If the conversation starts to turn more personal than you want, just change the subject. The point is made and no feelings are hurt. This applies to both people. It's that simple!

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