In New York state, it's legal to murder an unborn child but illegal to remove the front claws of a domestic cat. Makes sense. So, what if a pregnant woman in New York wants to get her cat de-clawed; isn't it her choice?



Dear Saranac Lake, congratulations on a solid DRI that puts people, public benefit and community first, unlike the disaster private giveaway DRI happening in Plattsburgh.



I grew up on Cogan Avenue and for the first time in a few years, drove by my old house. I was shocked about the absolutely awful condition of this city street. Cogan Avenue is full of potholes, has no curbing on the north end and is un-walkable in certain areas. As a proud Plattsburgian, I was saddened at the condition of my former street. City Council/mayor, pave Cogan Avenue.




Still waiting for city leadership to address the “Welcome to Plattsburgh” sign in front of the former Rite Aid on Route 3. Please replicate the very aesthetically pleasing signs on both Boynton Avenue and Route 9 (with lights). The current sign is falling apart and is a disgrace.



Glad to see WPTZ move to and admit they're transmitting from Vermont. As you know in Plattsburgh, they'd left long ago.



Why does every local TV news report about vaping or smoking pot have to show a macro-zoomed picture of some seedy-looking individual blowing voluminous clouds of smoke around his head. It's gross and, I think, easy and lazy reporting. I'd rather go back to the nightly cutsy dog stories.



Let's make it clear, the only reason anyone displays that flag is to tell everyone else you are a racist and to make everyone who isn't uncomfortable and unhappy while blaming all your problems on others while never looking in the mirror.




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