I cannot believe the misinformation certain supervisors are putting out there about Horace Nye. We canvassed in several towns and taxpayers are being given incorrect information. When the correct information is given, it is called a "cheap shot." You, Mr. Supervisor, are the one with cheap shots.


The Essex County manager and certain supervisors are trying to sell the only public nursing home in the county. Forty percent of us will likely have to enter a nursing home. Private nursing homes take very few Medicaid and Medicare patients. Horace Nye takes everyone regardless of ability to pay.


Essex County supervisors spent thousands of dollars on a study to show how to save money at Horace Nye Nursing Home. That study collects dust and they never implemented the suggestions in it, intentionally setting up the nursing home for failure. So who should be accountable for that, elderly or supervisors?


Socialism is already here. I can count on one hand countries that are not socialistic. Every European country runs on a socialistic basis. Canada has been a socialist country for decades. People in the United States hate the word because they feel it is too close to communism.


As a small-business owner, I say if they raise minimum wage to $10 an hour you're going to see a few more unemployed workers from my business.


I agree with the grocery people visiting in the aisles. Be courteous and move over if you are visiting. Some of us want to get out of there in a hurry. Even the elderly in wheelchairs. Be polite and pull over if you can.


As a professional with two master's degrees, a substitute teacher and institutional counselor, it amazes me year after year how little honorable effort is made by the city education system at meaningful reform. I witness the outrageous salaries and benefits handed out for nothing more than showing up for work.


In the immortal words of Team America: Freedom isn't free.

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