The Press-Republican is proud to declare that 75 percent of all adults in Clinton County are exposed to our print and/or digital products.

In our industry, that number is unprecedented and worth celebrating.

Decades ago, people who ran or worked for newspapers used to be asked about various forms of competition: television and radio stations, newsletters and various other media. How will newspapers survive such competition?

The newspapers' answer, invariably, was: We are the best equipped and best trained to gather and transmit information. We don't care what the delivery method is.

We can cope with future evolution in delivery. The key is we are the experts and the most able to collect the information for whatever form of distribution people want.

And so it was.

The Press-Republican had – and has – more reporters who know more about what they are covering than any other medium.

The delivery system is indeed evolving. The 16, or so, pages of newsprint still arrive six days a week filled to the margins with complete, reliable news – more news than is delivered on TV, radio, weeklies or even the latest innovation, the Internet.

Our reporters know what you need and value and devote their entire professional lives to telling you in a form you can understand and enjoy.

But let's face facts: As the news audience gets younger and perhaps more attuned to and absorbed by new electronic systems, the overall reliance on the printed newspaper as historically conceived has diminished.

The Press-Republican knows this – has known it since day 1 of the global introduction of imaginative electronics. What we argued for years – that we were prepared to adapt to changes in delivery methods that could not dampen our commitment to gathering the most and best information – is upon us.

The daily newspaper is put onto fewer front porches these days. That is no surprise. What is also not a surprise is that the Press-Republican now delivers news to more people than when the print newspaper was the dominant means of communicating news.

Our digital audiences are increasing far faster than any decrease in newspaper sales.

The 75 percent penetration mark is one to be proud of for sure.

Think of it: three out of every four adults in our county rely on the information the Press-Republican supplies. That is most impressive if we do say so ourselves.

Why do folks still depend so thoroughly on us?

Because we still provide more information than any other organization. Information our subscribers in one form or another need and want. (Would you have sat through days of a trial in which Gustavo Segundo-Clerk of Beekmantown was eventually found guilty of murdering his grandmother last month? Not likely.) But you knew we would and would get all the details to you almost at once.

We continue to provide precisely what we've been providing since the merger of the Plattsburgh Press and the Plattsburgh Republican since 1942, only in forms that satisfy every delivery preference.

Print, web, smart phone, social media — the key is that we have more information than anybody else and always will.


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