To ensure a steady succession of Earth’s fittest species, all animals except for one were assigned a mating instinct. It has worked well for many, many years.

That one exception, of course, is humans, Earth’s “guardians.”

Instead of relying strictly on a mating instinct, humans were imbued with intelligence – in most cases – along with sexual desire to augment the process. The combination has done the job satisfactorily, mostly. Sometimes, it has produced beautiful and memorable results.

Unfortunately, the sexual-desire end of it hasn’t always been flawless. One of the main problems over the millennia has been that the desire has been distributed unequally.

Too many males have been given or have developed a lopsided and, in fact, downright humiliating dose.

We’ve recently seen examples of certain men of power and wealth believing those assets entitle them to impose themselves on women who did not welcome the attention.

Roger Ailes, the chairman and chief executive officer of Fox News, was forced to resign in 2016 because of numerous accusations by women who were turned off and offended by his repeated sexual harassment.

Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein recently hanged himself in prison rather than face the consequences of his manipulations to convert his vast resources into expected sexual compliance by women and, worse, underage girls.

In recent days, other examples have surfaced of the sordid lengths to which some men will go for perverse sexual satisfaction.

On the Internet the other day, a scene had been recorded and posted in which a man was seated on a subway behind a young woman who was wearing a dress, standing facing away from him.

The man took his cell phone and pointed it, unbeknownst to her, up her dress while she stood innocently and unaware while he took a video.

Another man was seated nearby and saw the disgustingly intrusive scene as it unfolded. That gentleman, apparently appropriately appalled, got up and offered the woman his seat in order to stop the unforgivable invasion.

Whether she ever found out the reason for his kind gesture is unknown.

In another incident, this one reported by NBC Nightly News, a man had installed a camera in a bathroom of an airplane on a commercial flight to record whatever was going to go on in there.

Partway into the flight, someone noticed the presence of the camera and reported it. The last we heard, an investigation was being pursued.

It may come as a shock to women, and most men, that what goes on in a public restroom constitutes the makings of sexual gratification for anyone. It illustrates the lengths women have had to go to for eons just to protect their own bodies and sense of privacy.

Sexual harassment and rape are nothing new to humans, though they have never been regarded as the least bit civilized.

Perhaps the #MeToo Movement is gaining some headway, though obviously not quickly enough.

In the name of human dignity, we urge men with sensitivity and conscience to join at once and rescue our sense of decency.

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