TO THE EDITOR: I write this letter in support of Richard (Rick) Klages. I have known Rick for many years in both in a professional and personal aspect. Through the years as councilperson in the Town of Chesterfield, Rick has always supported positive and least expensive government for the residents. He has been involved in numerous improvements including the Port Kent Water System, DPW repairs, purchases and maintenance, upgrades to the Water Plant System and supporter in grants and their required administration.

Rick is also civic minded with organizations such as the Keeseville Elks Lodge, Senior Citizens group, and a long- standing member of the Keeseville Fire Department, including the past position as chief of that department.




TO THE EDITOR: Did you know in the four years under the Trump administration, the national debt rose by $8 trillion?

What did they have they have us do for the good of the country or you and I to justify that?

Let's see, his first day in office, he, by executive order, signed a huge tax break for the richest people in this country.

That cost the average working American some coinola.

Oh, yes, the Wall at the southern border, that was a costly endeavor. We had some pandemic expenses on his watch.

Of course, when we pay for our diplomats, when he was in office, to stay at Trump Resorts, that was a pretty penny to the taxpayers.

It upset me to hear that the Republicans in congress did not want to vote to extend the debt ceiling and wanting us to default on what we owed and then temporarily extend the payment.

Mitch McConnell voted to extend till December, and says that he will not do that again even though, in the past, he has voted 32 times to increase the debt ceiling.

How many bills passed by the House of Representatives did the Senate Majority Leader sit on, not even putting them up for a vote during the previous administration?

If you can't represent the people who voted you into office and don't want our country to advance to help us move into the 21st century, then why don't you bow out? It's called progress.

God gave us this beautiful Earth, and we must protect it for future generations.

Can we not extend a hand to help each other succeed? Bi-partisan.




TO THE EDITOR: This letter goes out to the people who think they are privileged to and have rights to knock down trees and destroy others property on their land. It takes real desperate people to attack our home and to buldoze trees to fall onto our land.

People who have to cause problems for others to feel superior and in control are really pathetic and really weak and out of control.

Our property is not your property to be messing with. Who in their right mind would take a buldozer and tear down other's trees and topple them down on others land? Only evil people who are out for trouble and to harm other people.

You have no business on our property and you know you are in the wrong when you are messing with and vandalizing our land.

Do you think you can get away with this? Do you think you are privileged and can have your way with our land and home? You can't even respect yourselves, let alone others.

If you respect yourselves or had a life, you wouldn't be going around looking for trouble just to hurt and abuse others.

I think you are just revengeful and cruel people who use retaliation and mental abuse against people. That's just how you go through life, trying to control and cause trauma in other's lives.

It's so sad and disgusting that you're on power trips and get kicks from hurting others. Worry about your own home and property, not ours. You cannot control others and their homes.

Leave our land alone, get a life and let us live in peace.


West Chazy


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