TO THE EDITOR: Thank you to all the voters in the Town of Dannemora for electing me to represent you on the town council. I am grateful for your support and pledge to work hard on your behalf.

Working together we can accomplish many things.

Thanks again.


Ellenburg Depot


TO THE EDITOR: On an evening in October, we called 911 due to a medical emergency.

In a very short period of time, EMTs started to arrive and soon thereafter, the ambulance arrived. After a quick assessment, the team helped me on to a stretcher, put me in the ambulance, and transported me to Elizebethtown Community Hospital Emergency Room.

This was accomplished quickly and professionally.

All too often, we take for granted the volunteers who operate our fire departments and emergency medical services, and we tend to forget the time they spend responding to calls, not to mention the time they spend on training.

We are fortunate to have these unselfish people in the Town of Keene and my wife and I would like to publicly thank these volunteers, especially Andrea, Jody, Lance, and Scott. They were able to provide me with the assistance I needed to be medically assessed in Elizabethtown, and i was subsequently transferred to CVPH, where I spent the next four days. The care that I received there was excellent,due to the professionalism of the sixth floor nursing staff.

Volunteers, first responders, and health care professionals are often the overlooked, unsung heroes. They are there when we need them, and it's easy to return to our daily lives without recognizing their hard work and effort on our behalf.

We are happy to have this opportunity to say thank you.




TO THE EDITOR: It is a poor reflection on our Congressional District to be represented by such a negative person as Elise Stefanik.

Sadly, each weekly newsletter and press release is full of inflamatory and bombastic rhetoric meant to keep the Trump fans happy and promote the lie that election was stolen. Keeping this dangerous falsehood fueled with her choice of words seems to be Elise's main ambition, not the 21st District. Every decree from Elise contains words like Democrat's radical agenda, authoritarian vaccine mandates, and Biden's failed policies causing a crisis without the balanced view of the poor legacy of the past administration's chaotic policies which have left us mistrusted by the international community..

Elise is duplicitous not only in the words she chooses, but also in her voting record. She portrays herself as someone with a bipartisan record, true if you count her votes to rename post offices and federal buildings.

In fact, Elise takes credit for grants of over a million dollars to both Jefferson County and Warren County Head Start programs which were part of the Save America Act that she voted against.

She also voted against a renewal and revised version of the Violence Against Women and Families Act, particularly sad because new funding was added for protection of Native American Women. Also on the Elise chopping block was HR 3992, Protect Older Job Applicants Act of 2021.

Her next big announcement of the wonders she has performed for her district will be all the great infrastructure projects she got while voting against the the recent bill. Included in that bill in particular is funds for rural broadband, something she espouses and even has her own bill formed, but unpassed.

The deception she stoops to in order to fool the district is mindboggling.




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