TO THE EDITOR: Just recently I read that our governor wants to close Moriah Shock.

If the governor does close Moriah Shock, look at all the jobs would be lost. Moriah Shock should remain open because it provides a lesser sentence compared to serving a longer sentence.

Also, the individuals that are at Moriah Shock are asking to help in the community; for example, they would be asked to clean a campground.

So in closing, governor, please keep Moriah Shock open and why don’t you come visit the facility to see how it is run? Then I believe you will get a better feel why you should not close Moriah Shock.




TO THE EDITOR: Adirondack Community Action Programs Inc. would like to sincerely thank the Glenn and Carol Adirondack Foundation for their continued support toward achieving our mission; "ACAP Connects people, values and resources to promote personal, economic and Community Growth."

Their selfless and generous donation of $2,000 for our Backpack Program will enable 11 children (PK-6) in Bouquet Valley and Willsboro Central schools to go home every Friday afternoon with a bag full of nutritious food that they need and will benefit from every weekend during the school year. As their mission statement clearly states," To improve the quality of life for year-around residents of the Adirondacks," their actions continuously support, with investments like this, into our communities. You simply cannot put a price on the faces of these children.

ACAP could not operate this invaluable program without donations from such caring and generous foundations as Glenn and Carol Pearsall Adirondack Foundation. Their foundation has supported our efforts for multiple years, and we genuinely appreciate their kindness and investment into the residents in Essex County. Our county, state, nation, and world needs more positive, feel-good stories like there and together we are doing our best to make this happen.

Thanks you for helping us out again this year, your heartfelt kindness extends to the children of Essex County that need it most. Your kindness and commitment to the well-being of ADK residents is truly immeasurable.


Director of Development

Adirondack Community Action Programs Inc.



TO THE EDITOR: There are 25,000 foster parents in New York state.

I do not judge people or children, they can amaze you. I advocate for parents and families. Comfort is number one, the Bible and a golden cross.

The system has not worked for years, just a temporary break. When are the families of these children going to stand up for them? When will the community help?

Why? The systems objective is to keep the children together. But, that does not always happen.

Please, with God's love, understanding and help, can you understand? They are God's children.




 TO THE EDITOR: This is acknowledgment and gratitude to the Essex County Arts Council Cultural Assistance Program for their generous grant supporting our July Solomon Northrup’s Day remembrance.

Solomon Northrup was the author of "12 Years a Slave," and Sept. 18 was our 10th Year Celebration as the North Star Underground Railroad Museum, founded by Don snd Vivian Papson.

It is the Essex County Arts Council’s continuous encouragement with monetary assistance that small non- profits as ourselves can not only stay open, but thrive. We are most appreciative.


Board Trustee


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