TO THE EDITOR: So here we are 16 plus months in to the Canada-U.S. border being closed. Canada has twice made exemptions for family members. Canada has put the border on the front burner. Canada has made progress and they made an announcement about further reopening.

But where is the Biden administration on this issue? It appears they are hiding in the basement. There has been loud and angry calls from everyone on Canada to open the border; "take unilateral action" they say. Well, guess what, Canada has made several unilateral moves yet America has made zero except to wait until the last second and extend for another 30 days.

We've all been waiting for Biden to make a decision, waiting for reunification with our loved ones on the other side to be able to come here, waiting for those shoppers and tourists, waiting for those boat owners, waiting for any glimmer of hope that Canadians will be able to come here sometime soon. The silence from the Biden Administration is deafining. Biden touts how great the economy is doing.

Let me ask, North Country neighbors, how is your economy doing? Everyone needs to contact our representatives. Don't leave it up to Gary Douglass, Billy Jones, et al.


Rouses Point

(Note: Fully vaccinated U.S. residents can enter Canada starting Aug. 9. U.S. border crossings from Canada will remain closed to nonessential travel through Aug. 21.)


TO THE EDITOR: I am writing this letter to the editor supporting the outstanding job Tom Lacey, his excellent staff, and guest speakers did at the 2021 Adirondack Coast Basketball Camp.

Despite the present challenges of a global pandemic, the camp still had over 300 campers. Tom, his sponsors and contributors, and his staff find it satisfying to give back to the community. Besides having the opportunity to enjoy and learn the great game of basketball, campers receive prizes, apparel, and recognition, Tom Lacey worked extremely hard to make this camp successful by donating time and effort.

And, to top it off, this camp charges no fee for campers and Tom Lacey and his staff seek no monetary compensation. His commitment to the community is unparalleled.





TO THE EDITOR: COVID-19 continues to change the lives of everyone, including the 8th-grade class at Stafford Middle School. Like the previous class, the SMS 8th-grade class of 2021 wasn't able to have their end-of-year dance or moving-up ceremony.

Therefore, the Stafford Middle School Family School Organization (FSO), 8th-grade parents and 8th-grade teachers wanted to ensure that the students left SMS with something special. Each 8th-grader was given a swag bag filled with many items donated by parents and local businesses to act as a reminder of the students’ time at Stafford Middle School. Additionally, students were able to enjoy an afternoon of festivities, food and fun together prior to the end of the school year.

These events would not be possible without the many generous donations from our local businesses: Stafford Middle School FSO, Adam’s Brother’s Painting, Coryer Staffing, Inc., Little Caesar’s, Cumberland 12 movie theater, Texas Roadhouse, Chapter One Coffee Shop, Old Soul Thrift Shop, Stafford, Owens, Piller, Murnane, Kelleher & Trombley, Ryelyn by Design, Reality Check of Clinton, Franklin, and Essex, Regal Theater, Stewart’s Shops, Chick-Fil-A, and Krista Yelle-VanArmen and parent donations.

Kim Quinn, the 8th-grade advisor stated, "our community and parents stepped up, once again, to do something special for our students and it is very much appreciated."

"This was a labor of love and we cannot express enough thanks to our supportive business community who has, like everyone, been affected by the pandemic,” said Kellie Lathrop, SMS FSO treasurer.  “This could not have been done without the help of many parents, teachers, and staff from Stafford Middle School who worked hard to put these bags together.”

Stafford Middle School teachers, staff, FSO, and parents send a huge thank you to all involved.


SMS 8th Grade Class Adviser



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