TO THE EDITOR: While Elise Stefanik was marching in the Ticonderoga July 4th parade, the federal treasury was preparing to release money to families with children.

No, you didn’t hear about that from our Representative Stefanik. She didn’t vote for it, nor did any other Republican in the House.

However, through the Child Tax Credit, qualifying families will receive $300 a month for children ages zero to 5, and $250 a month for children ages 6 to 17. By the time you read this, families will already have begun to receive payments. This temporary benefit, similar to permanent benefits given to families with children in most developed countries, is projected to reduce child poverty in our state by about 35 percent.

In other words, our representative, Elise Stefanik, was happy to support our July 4th celebration, but not the children in our community. Furthermore, she says she supports the Blue, but voted against measures in Congress that would have supported the U.S. Capitol Police and our local law enforcement officers.

When we choose our representatives, we need to remember who has worked to materially help our community and the most vulnerable among us.


Putnam Station


TO THE EDITOR: The APA mandate is to “ensure compliance with the laws the agency administers.” Instead, the APA did the exact opposite recently with a Category 1 Wetland, the highest designation for a wetland, on Lot 9, Deerwood, Upper Saranac Lake.

Communications obtained by FOIL, between the applicant or their representative, and APA employees prior to the ruling, (show) APA approval before the permit amendment request was submitted. Is this a case of preferential special interest treatment? Of course, we all hope not, but something is amiss here.

This strategic wetland is extremely valuable to maintain Upper Saranac Lake water quality with a fen and two freshwater streams feeding the lake. It is a rare and special habitat that must be responsibly managed not damaged.

No one disputes development of a home on this site consistent with environmental regulations and building constraints known to the new owner before purchase. This issue galvanized the entire community. Over 70 letters from homeowners, USLA, USF, Adirondack Council, Center for Loon Conservation, and distinguished professionals all are simply asking that any development permitted must comply with original the restrictions and conditions of the Deerwood APA Permit 87-74.

Further, APA failed to consider objective, science-based technical information; APA received incomplete and inaccurate plans to make an informed decision; APA ignored independent experts, all advising against proceeding with the project; APA failed to consider their comments and did not meet with adjacent property owners, professionals, residents, and lake associations before rendering a decision.

Was the APA duped? The board has authority to reverse staff decisions based on new, verifiable documentation. The APA must right this wrong. They must also send a clear message by legal action against anyone submitting a deceptive application.



Saranac Lake


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