Grateful for volunteers

TO THE EDITOR: Saturday morning, Aug. 17, started out like any summer morning as we kicked back and enjoyed our morning coffee and tea.

Shortly after 9 a.m., the morning silence was shattered with the piercing sounds of the Lake Placid Ambulance Service rushing by our house followed by several rescue personnel and firemen in their private vehicles and then two Lake Placid Fire Department fire trucks. This was followed by a couple of low-flying helicopters and we knew something was critically wrong.

As we all know now, there was a horrific traffic accident on Route 86 between Lake Placid and Wilmington; we heard bits and pieces on social media that there had been a deadly accident between our two communities.

Several hours later, the Lake Placid ambulances went by our home returning to the village. Six hours later after the initial call the Lake Placid Fire Department's vehicles returned to the village.

Think about that, the people who serve these two organizations are mostly volunteers and on what was probably their day off for many of them, they responded to the scene and stayed there for six hours ensuring that the survivors were transported to where they needed to go and that the deceased were properly cared for.

We are so grateful for the wonderful and dedicated individuals who serve the Lake Placid Ambulance Service and the Lake Placid Fire Department, and we also would like to acknowledge our fellow communities, Wilmington and Jay, and law enforcement for their time and commitment to our public safety.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Maras and Castonguay families.


Lake Placid