No more time

TO THE EDITOR: This unfocused rant has so much to unpack: the cabinet of folks and thieves, the criminal acts, the lies.

The part where the writer is absolutely wrong is Social Security. It's not an entitlement; I paid for decades into the fund. It's my money. I'm not stealing your money.

As a matter of fact, when are the Republicans going to pay back the money they stole from three Social Security trust funds for the illegal Iraq war?

As for climate change, it's here now and we are on the tipping point of making this planet unlivable. We don't have until 2025 to make changes.



All  straightened out

TO THE EDITOR: Tip of the hat to Dawn Chapple and the folks at Plattsburgh (Clinton County) DMV for their speedy work in fixing the mess in my driver's license file made by the national registry computer.

It was a pleasure to work with them, and a relief to have things so speedily straightened out. They are genuine public servants.




Fill it up

TO THE EDITOR: Simple question: so if the taxpayers are providing the cost for the power to plug in cars to anyone that wants to access the plug-in charging stations downtown, when do the rest of us get vouchers for gas to fill our tanks?



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