Citizens should vote

TO THE EDITOR: I believe a citizen has a right to vote. He also has an obligation to vote. If he doesn’t care for his choices, he has the obligation to make the best choice he can.

If he doesn’t, his no vote will help his worst choice.

If you don’t believe newspapers because some people call it fake news, I believe most papers print the truth and believe what they print.

How can you go to Facebook and believe everything there? Is it true news? Is it Russian intervention or is it just plain stupid? Your choice.

The Russian objective is to get people not to vote. Trump was a big plus.

It is your obligation to vote your best choice. If you don’t, someday you may not have a choice or the right to vote.

So many dictators have proven this to be true.



Do not lie

TO THE EDITOR: This is a reply to Mr. Tedford.

He claims that I said that Trump was a communist. The reality is that I said Trump was a communist sympathizer.

Now for his biggest lie. He said that I said that Trump gives the Hitler salute during his rally addresses. I never said any such thing. I said that Trump gives the communist salute. There is a difference.

For his information, I don’t have all day to sit in front of a computer. i do many things during the day. Maybe his time could be better used to learn how to read and not lie like Trump.



We need solutions

TO THE EDITOR: I have understanding and empathy for the opposing views as we position the city of Plattsburgh for change. There are valid concerns of individuals who have parking concerns and there are solutions that could accommodate or mitigate them.

I am urging the parties involved in this discussion to have open minds on solutions rather than total opposition to the DRI.

We have so much going for us and we must be careful not to squander the willing investments by public and private partnerships.

The state has provided us with $10 million to plan a revitalization project.

We cannot waste the investment and support from the state by not being willing to compromise and find solutions.

Private enterprise has demonstrated a willingness to invest $25 million in developing the revitalization plan that the state has funded.

This will not only bring people downtown, but they will live there.

This is a huge economic multiplier for the entire area. It will bring new businesses servicing their housekeeping requirements, recreational, retail and nutrition needs, as well as public access to the exercise trails along the river.

We can’t afford to allow that investment to go elsewhere.

I urge our community members who are supportive of the DRI and those who have concerns about the challenges it will bring to suggest to our leadership that solutions can be found to the problems, and be willing to compromise to attain solutions.



Stefanik is working

TO THE EDITOR: I read in the paper that Congresswoman Stefanik took part in a roundtable discussion with local boat owners in reference to the rising water levels on the St. Lawerence River.

As someone who has close friends who live on and near the river and as a member of our community, I am concerned about their ability to keep their homes. Our relationship with the river is large part of our culture here in the North Country. All of this goes to say that I am glad to see Congresswoman Stefanik working not only a bipartisan manner, but also with with our Canadian neighbors, to develop a plan to address this crisis.

After all, it’s a crisis that is quite literally in our backyard.

I fully expect the Congresswoman will continue work with local representatives in New York and with other members of Congress to find a solution to this, and many other challenges, that we face here in NY-21. I wish her nothing but the best as she works hard for us.



Golf tourney lauded

TO THE EDITOR: The Elmore SPCA, with great appreciation, thanks the many businesses and individuals who made our 6th-annual golf tournament at the Barracks on July 14 a huge success.

The incredible generosity of our Corporate sponsors and hole sponsors helped make the tournament very successful. For the first time since we have hosted golf tourneys, the Elmore SPCA grossed over $13,000.

Gratefully, a huge thanks goes out to our corporate supporters: Auto Barn Collision, Brook and Irwin Insurance, Casella Waste Management, Champlain Spine and Pain Management, Glens Falls Bank, IEC Holding, J. Hogan Refrigeration and Mechanical, Livingoods Restaurant, and NYSCOPBA.

A huge debt of gratitude is also extended to our many hole sponsors: Bill’s Body Shop, Booth Insurance Agency, Clute Wealth Management, Haila Conant CPA, Dannemora Federal Credit Union, Dr. Michael Davey, Dream Vacations (Julie and Gary Liberty), Ed Garrow and Sons, Inc., Garvey Hyundai, Hamilton Funeral Home, Langley Walker Insurance Agency, Lee Appliance Co. Inc., Leroux Fuels, Liberty Abstract, Luck Brothers, Inc., Northeast Irrigation and Landscape LLC, Payson & Stoughton Jewelers, Dr. William Pelton and Dana Gunn, Peru Federal Credit Union, Plattco Corporation, Plattsburgh Animal Hospital, Plattsburgh Memorials, Raymond James, Riley Ford, SeaComm CU, Swarovski Lighting International, Touraid Travel Inc., UFirst FCU, and Uni-First Uniform Company.

Special thanks go to all the businesses and individuals who donated fabulous prizes for our raffle.

Finally, thank you to Delores Vivian of the Barracks Golf Course for her par excellence hospitality, Mike Dodds for all his golf expertise, Laurie Parsons, president of the Elmore SPCA Board of Directors for organizing the event, and to all the golfers who supported this Elmore SPCA event and enjoyed a day perfect for golfing.

Mark your calendars for July 19, 2020 for our 7th-annual golf tournament.


Secretary, Elmore SPCA Board of Directors


Grateful for volunteers

TO THE EDITOR: Saturday morning, Aug. 17, started out like any summer morning as we kicked back and enjoyed our morning coffee and tea.

Shortly after 9 a.m., the morning silence was shattered with the piercing sounds of the Lake Placid Ambulance Service rushing by our house followed by several rescue personnel and firemen in their private vehicles and then two Lake Placid Fire Department fire trucks. This was followed by a couple of low flying helicopters and we knew something was critically wrong.

As we all know now, there was a horrific traffic accident on Route 86 between Lake Placid and Wilmington; we heard bits and pieces on social media that there had been a deadly accident between our two communities.

Several hours later, the Lake Placid Volunteer ambulances went by our home returning to the village. Six hours later after the initial call the Lake Placid Fire Department’s vehicles returned to the village.

Think about that, the people who serve these two organization are mostly volunteers and on what was probably their day off for many of them, they responded to the scene and stayed there for six hours ensuring that the survivors were transported to where they needed to go and that the deceased were properly cared for.

We are so grateful for the wonderful and dedicated individuals who serve the Lake Placid Ambulance Service and the Lake Placid Fire Department, and we also would like to acknowledge our fellow communities, Wilmington and Jay, and law enforcement for their time and commitment to our public safety.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Maras and Castonguay families.


Lake Placid

Baffled by justice

TO THE EDITOR: It really baffles me how little justice those who are court-ordered to be paid back monies stolen from them receive.

A judge continually gives chance after chance to a fraud because of his last name, but if it was me on the other end who pulled the stunts he has, I’d be in jail. There is zero justice in the system, and very few attorneys who know what to do when it comes down to it.

When you can’t get answers out of anyone because they want you to get an attorney, but when you go to get one, they haven’t an inclination on how to even submit the paperwork necessary to move forward.

Why is it that I’ve spent all this money to receive nothing in return, when I’m the one who was stolen from? Any good attorneys out there who know their law, feel free to reach out to me.

I could care less if I continue to lose more money, but what’s right is right; pay your debt and stop stealing from innocent people who have done everything right by your lease.

You’ve been deemed guilty and I will continue to do what I have to in order to get justice. I promise.



Health insurance fail

TO THE EDITOR: Elise fails on health care. I’ll be voting for Tedra Cobb

In (Congresswoman) Elise Stefanik’s weekly email newsletter, she references her guest column from the Sun Community News from Aug. 17. Elise expresses concern about health care costs and offers Community Health Centers as a solution.

It sounds good on the surface, but it’s actually a hollow offer from the Republican playbook that has minimal impact in reducing costs, and does nothing about insurance coverage.

Federally-funded Community Health Centers are a source for primary care and screening. Theoretically, they can find cost savings in efficiency of care delivery.

But it is not insurance. Let’s say your screening reveals a cancer diagnosis. For that, you’ll need insurance.

Elise joined the Republican assault on Obamacare/Affordable Care Act and voted to repeal. Elise and her Republican colleagues may claim to support access to health care, but if you face a costly diagnosis, you are on your own.

Further, I have corresponded with Elise to express my support for Planned Parenthood, and to ask her to help moderate her party’s attack on women’s health care. She replies that Community Health Centers will replace the work of Planned Parenthood.

No, sorry, they won’t.

Conservatives love to attack Planned Parenthood, but are resolutely blind to the full scope of women’s health care. Planned Parenthood also provides pap smears, cancer screening, general medical care, not to mention training programs to promote responsible sexuality.

It seems that the common ground on the issue of abortion would be preventing unplanned pregnancy by teaching responsible sexuality and providing appropriate birth control. And who’s doing the most to prevent unplanned pregnancy? Planned Parenthood, of course.

Elise’ party is eager to crush a beloved and effective health care provider, which cannot be replaced by Community Health Centers anytime soon.

Don’t be fooled. Elise has actively sought to undermine insurance for millions of Americans, and thousands in her district.

I shall be supporting Tedra Cobb in the next election cycle, a Democrat with a positive vision of what our democracy can achieve to serve our people.


Keene Valley

Great River Run

TO THE EDITOR: The towns of Plattsburgh and Saranac co-hosted the first ever River Run Mini Triathlon on Aug. 10.

The event tested 39 participants with a 6.8 mile paddle down the Saranac River from Saranac to Cadyville, followed by a one mile run to the Cadyville Park where they jumped on their bikes for an 8.6 mile ride along the valley ridge on Hardscrabble Road, back to the start at Picketts Corners Park in Saranac for the finish. The Mini Tri went smoothly and was a huge success, all due to the partners and sponsors that helped out.

Thank you to our partners, Cadyville and Saranac Volunteer Fire fepartments, along with their Water Rescue Teams, for traffic control and water safety presence. Also to Morrisonville EMS for standing by in case of an emergency. The Clinton County Sheriff’s Department had a presence on the roadways too.

Thank you goes out to all our supportive sponsors, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Pearl Physical Therapy, Kinetic Running, Viking Ski N’ Cycle and Sam’s Club.

The crew of volunteers was the glue that held it together with members of Saranac Key Club and the TOP Fitness for Life group, as well as Pam and Art Wallenstein and Lyman Defayette helping with registration, handing out water, giving direction and encouragement on the route and setting up roadsigns.

Special thank you to our volunteer timers, Matt and Jim Medeiros. Save the date for next year, tentatively Aug. 15, and join the fun.

MELANIE DEFAYETTE, Town of Plattsburgh

ERIN PANGBORN, Town of Plattsburgh

JACK CARTER, Town of Saranac

Power is key

TO THE EDITOR: I’m glad that the Press-Republican comes out against sexual misconduct (Aug. 22). However, in doing so, you perpetuate a myth that allows this behavior to continue.

You refer to the “mating instinct” and sexual desire, stating that “one of the main problems over the millennia has been that the desire has been distributed unequally. Too many males have been given or have developed a lopsided and, in fact, downright humiliating dose.”

Men who commit sexual crimes are not in love with sex. They are in love with power. They get their kicks from dominating women. Sex is their tool, humiliation is their goal.

Your assumptions normalize sexual crimes as stemming from genetic factors that some men are subject to, when in fact they are conscious acts. As a result, your call to men to be allies rings hollow.



Running for office

TO THE EDITOR: I am proud and privileged to officially announce my candidacy for Plattsburgh’s Ward 1 representative on the City Council.

My goal is to build a better Plattsburgh, one that thrives economically and still maintains the unique small town feel of our north country neighborhoods

There are many social and economic issues that will present challenges for the council in near term and in the future. One of the most important challenges is to deliver fiscally responsible budgets which reflect what people value and taxpayers can support.

People must have confidence that they are getting their money’s worth for their tax dollars. I believe that can best be accomplished by involving, listening to and communicating with the many voices and ideas of Plattsburgh’s employees and citizens in the development and accomplishment of city priorities, programs and budgets.

I will bring to the council knowledge and expertise gleaned from growing up in Plattsburgh, working with and for its citizens, leading and managing county and state agencies and developing innovative public policy on a national level with the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

I have a real understanding of the complexities of government including its capabilities and limitations. I learned that what matters in the final analysis is - what you can get done that makes a real difference in people’s lives. I am committed to working closely with people, building consensus, and aligning budget allocations less on money spent and more on the results achieved with it.

We live in a great city. I want to bring my experience and leadership to the City of Plattsburgh. Let’s work together to make it an even better place to live, work and enjoy.



Stop the racing

TO THE EDITOR: This year, 58 horses have already died on New York state race tracks. Ten have died at Saratoga Race Course since April.

Horseracing is cruelty and violence disguised as sport and entertainment. It is predicated on the exploitation of sentient beings as gambling instruments. Horses are moneymakers in a morally bankrupt industry that disposes of them when their returns diminish. The idea that running is natural for these horses is a fallacy blithely repeated to reassure people of their right to participate in this exploitation, and to assuage their guilt about the subsequent deaths, injuries, and miserable, unnatural existence these animals must endure.

Racehorses are bred as investments and begin “training” at 18 months and racing at 2 years old, even though they do not reach musculoskeletal maturity until around age 6. There is nothing natural about horses being kept isolated in stalls for up to 23 hours a day, deprived of social interaction.

There is nothing noble in forcing horses, through violent whipping while perched on their back, to run at perilous speeds around a track, often in extreme temperatures, and in dangerous proximity to one another. They suffer horrific fractures, head-on collisions, pulmonary hemorrhages and myriad other dreadful injuries that lead to the same outcome – their untimely deaths at the hands of humans. Tens of thousands are ultimately “retired” to slaughterhouses in Canada or Mexico.

The time has come to shut down this abhorrent travesty. Join a group like Horseracing Wrongs to educate, agitate, and advocate. Do not stand idly by while others bet on lives that are being sacrificed for entertainment.

Do realize that the pain, suffering and killing of these horses make for a terrible backdrop to afternoon picnics in fancy clothes? You can like horses. You can like horseracing. You can’t like both.



Doesn’t get people

TO THE EDITOR: Remember a decade ago when Professor (Colin) Read enlightened us with his theoretical analysis predicting tens of millions of dollars of economic impact that bass fishing tournaments would have on the local economy and on job creation.

Few actually believed his lofty numbers, some of us snickered, the rest of us shrugged. After all, it was just a cute little study done for the chamber of commerce to support tournaments and Read was just a harmless teacher.

Well bass tournaments are nice. And it’s good to fill a few hotel rooms. But what the professor missed is the human factor. Professional bass fishermen spend most of the year on the road and live on very frugal budgets. Good for the local economy? Sure. But creating hundreds of jobs and tens of millions of dollars impact? Hardly.

Opposition to the DRI is at a fever pitch. Yet, Read’s recent opinion piece lacks any sign of empathy, choosing instead to lecture us with his spiffy computer model which assumes new tenants will have salaries of $70,000 to $100,000. Garbage in, garbage out.

Read’s failures can be traced to one thing; he just doesn’t get people. He’s incapable of calculating the value of a park to a community or the risk of a child climbing across a frozen river to get to school. Read fancies himself an economics guru and has lots of figures to prove it. There’s an old saying: figures lie and liars figure.

We never saw the enormous impact nor hundreds of jobs predicted in Read’s fancy fishing tournament analysis and neither will downtown realize the boon he’s predicting now. Back then he was just an ivory tower professor, so his theories were easily ignored, but now he’s mayor and poised to do real harm.



Starting support group

TO THE EDITOR: I became handicapped in later life. I had never imagined that there are no support groups for the handicapped. Yet, that seems to be the truth.

I propose to initiate a support group for handicapped persons in this area. According to interest, this could be telephone reassurance or physical meetings. at a barrier-free location. The group would determine the format of communication

If you are interested in this support group, contact Joe Swinyer at P.O. Box 611, Plattsburgh, New York 12901.



Person was found

TO THE EDITOR: You never think that your family will be in a situation that requires several agencies to work together to solve, but that’s just what happened last week to my family.

A family member wandered off into the woods without supervision and became lost. After a 911 call, Ray Brook State Police Torry Hoffman and DEC Forest Ranger Dan Fox organized a search and along with many others from the DEC, including Lt. Chris Kostoss, State Police, K-9 dogs and handlers, the bloodhound and handler from Ogdensburg, helicopter and rescue teams and many friends searched for 15-plus hours until she was found and safe.

Words cannot express our gratitude for the support, compassion, long hours and hard work that these men and women put in. Many thanks go to those that searched throughout the night and continued the following day and for all the help and support from friends who worked alongside the search teams and on the sidelines.

There are many people who were there that I have not mentioned, but we want you to know that your long hours, hard work and compassion is not un-noticed. We are so lucky to live in an area that has all the people and resources available in a time of need.

Our everlasting gratitude from the Ring, Atwood, and Cushman families.


Lake Placid

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