Master the Internet

TO THE EDITOR: This letter is for citizens 60 and older. As a phenomenon defining the modern age, the Internet has been considered the domain of the younger age group, thus creating an obstacle in encouraging and teaching older people to become computer literate.

Senior Planet can solve this problem for you. The teachers at Senior Planet (Michael and Jamie) are awesome and understand that this whole new world can be a difficult experience for older adults. Older people often hesitate about asking questions for fear of being a nuisance, looking silly or getting a patronizing response. Senior Planet teachers understand this concept and are aware of older people’s concerns regarding technology and introducing them to it.

In the past two years I have taken part in several classes, such as, Computer Basics, Free Your Photos, iPad, Social Concepts in the Digital Age, and many more. I have learned how to store personal information, doing business online and security that is a central part of Internet business and how to take the necessary precautions when using the Internet.

I have met many new and interesting people who have become friends outside of the class. Senior Planet is free for us and if you want to be one of the fastest growing groups of the online population, using Facebook, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, texting, communicating more frequently with family, reconnecting with old friends, keeping up with community/school developments and managing your health issues come join us at the mall.

Through the use of technology and communication, seniors can see decreases in loneliness and, in turn, experience better mental and physical health. Call Senior Planet at 518 566-4422.


Senior Planet


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