Kids not supported

TO THE EDITOR: I volunteered twice for Ms. Stefanik when she ran for Congress. As it happens to many members of Congress, when they go to D.C. they become the tools of big business and do not look out for the best interest of our kids and for law enforcement.

We have a huge national crisis of young people dying from vaping marijuana products that have THC, the psychoactive substance in marijuana. The federal Centers for Disease Control announced that THC products are mainly involved.

How did Ms. Stefanik respond to our kids being killed? She voted for a marijuana industry bill giving marijuana businesses special protection under the federal banking laws. Now they will be able to finance selling more vaping products to kids.

The bill also protect banks investing in marijuana from the federal law enforcement forfeiture of assets for violating federal drug laws. This hurts law enforcement.

This bill was written by the marijuana industry and the banking industry. They both want to make money selling THC vaping products and the kids be dammed. Ms. Stefanik decided to support them and not our kids.


Lyon Mountain


Henry is great

TO THE EDITOR: I have had the pleasure of getting to know Mark Henry over the past several years.

I have found Mark to be a man of great integrity and high moral standards. His no-nonsense approach and leadership skills elevated him to a senior rank in the U.S. Border Patrol prior to his retirement. He has since held key positions on school boards and was most recently the town supervisor for the Town of Chazy.

Mark has a firm grasp of the issues facing Clinton County and he is thoughtful in his approach to problem solving and he understands the importance of working as a team on the Clinton County Legislature.

It is for these reasons that I strongly endorse this candidate and I encourage my friends and neighbors in Beekmantown and Chazy to re-elect Mark Henry on Nov. 5.













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