Don't judge people

TO THE EDITOR: Some people who know me as a volunteer at the hospital.

Lately, there has been a lot of prejudice toward people who do have handicapped stickers. I do agree with some that there are people that have them and don’t need them; however, there are people that do have them and don’t seem to need them.

An example: somewhere over the summer, a woman came up to me and complained that a woman just walked from her car just fine in the handicapped lot. Well, for starters, how do you not know if she has a handicap that’s hidden? Asthma, heart defects, maybe diabetic, etc.; all those have to be proven before receiving a sticker.

My point is, don’t be so judgmental the next time. Especially in a world full of hate right now.




Bring them over

TO THE EDITOR: To the Impeachment Committee: Red Rover, Red Rover, bring Mulvaney over.

Bring Giuliani over.

Bring Sondland over.

Bring Perry over.

Bring Bolton, Pompeo, Pence and Barr over.

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive."


Rouses Point


Not a dictator

TO THE EDITOR: It is embarrassing to watch the New York District 21 representative to congress at the impeachment hearings.

Her disrespect for the chair of her committee and for the rule of order testifies to her ubiquitous solicitation to influences of her party abetting the corruption in Washington. Her questions to the witnesses seem to be little more than asking them to affirm her statements. She is not seeking new information.

In addition, she is jeopardizing herself and our government by demanding to out the whistleblower, seeming to choose to ignore the rules of protection enacted for those who speak the truth to power.

It appalls me that my representative in congress, Elise Stefanik, would stubbornly refuse to look at the obvious corruption in Washington being spun by the occupant of the White House. Surrounded by so many jailed former employees and embroiled in scandalous behavior both foreign and domestic, we should all be supportive of the impeachment inquiry.

As a member of the Intelligence Committee, she should be aware of the rampant violations going on within the confidential circles of intelligence. Making her claims that Trump should not be held accountable allows her to be counted with those who believe some people can be above the law.

If she wants to be a princess in the emperor’s court what will she do when she learns the emperor has no clothes (defense)?

It is reassuring to know there is someone else to vote for: Tedra Cobb. Thank goodness there is someone who wants to look after the people of the North Country and not a self-serving, would-be dictator.















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