Hear about GND

TO THE EDITOR: On Thursday, Nov. 21, at 7 p.m. at SUNY Plattsburgh, North Country residents interested in the Green New Deal and worried about the climate crisis and other pressing issues facing our country and the planet have an excellent opportunity to hear an American leader offering real solutions to such challenges.

At a public forum in 200 Yokum Hall, Howie Hawkins, who is seeking the 2020 presidential nomination of the Green Party, will deliver an in-depth address on his comprehensive, rigorous version of the Green New Deal, differentiating it from what many current Democratic presidential candidates are calling for. While tackling other issues such as income inequality and the new nuclear arms race, Howie will engage with a panel of PSU environmental science students and take questions directly from the audience. The forum is free, and all are welcome, including the general public.

A co-founder of the Green Party in the United States, Howie helped write the national party platform plank in 2000 that was the origin of the Green New Deal and, in fact, Howie was the first U.S. candidate to run on a fully developed Green New Deal, in 2010, combining an Economic Bill of Rights with a call for going to 100 percent clean, renewable energy (i.e., no fossil fuels) by 2030.

This self-described “eco-socialist” is an ex-Marine, a now-retired Teamster and a seasoned campaigner. It was his three runs for governor of New York state in 2010, 2014 and 2018 that put and kept the Green Party on the state ballot.

Howie Hawkins is a true working-class hero and the real deal when it comes to a Green New Deal for combating climate change and making our economy work for working people. Come out Thursday and see and hear him for yourself.


Saranac Lake


 Missed the point

TO THE EDITOR: After watching congresswomen Stefanik in the impeachment proceedings on Nov. 13, I was disappointed, but not surprised.

Stefanik seems to have missed the entire point of the investigation. She spent most of her time attacking chairman Adam Schiff for not releasing the identity of the whistleblower. The identity of the whistleblower does not have any bearing on the investigation and should not cloud her judgment in any way.

Why is it that Stefanik and republicans are outraged that the whistleblower is not testifying, but they do not care that Trump is not?

Stefanik is a puppet for the Trump administration and her large corporate donors. Stefanik has taken over $50,000 from opioid manufacturers and distributers. This is something that voters of the North Country should not accept. We have a growing opioid epidemic that has affected thousands of families in our area and Stefanik accepting this money proves she has no regard for us or our needs.

Stefanik has no loyalty to her oath or our Constitution as she continues to protect the criminal that is our president. This evening I attempted to call Stefanik’s Washington office to voice my concerns and her voicemail box was full. This infuriated me.

Stefanik, in theory, works for the voters of this district and by not answering our messages it only furthers the point that she should not be representing us.












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