Following the script

TO THE EDITOR: On Nov. 13 and 15, along with millions of other Americans, I witnessed the disturbing performance by Republicans David Nunes and Elise Stefanik.

As I watched, the clearer it became that their strategy was orchestrated to enflame the Trump base to a fiery outrage. I presume that they spent plenty of time prior to the inquiry writing the script.

Both of these individuals are able to read. Therefore, both should be familiar with rules and procedures by which an impeachment inquiry is governed. Both knew that only the ranking member and his attorney would be permitted questions until later in the hearing, at which time other members would have an opportunity to question the witness(es), which they did.

The performance by Nunes and Stefanik was timed so that those watching, who were not aware of the rules of order, would think the Republicans were being shut down by Chairman Adam Schiff, a Democrat, without an opportunity to be heard.

The truth? Mr. Schiff did exactly what the law requires him to do. I believe every bit of this stunt was planned to the smallest detail, including the cast (a Republican woman, “maligned” by a male Democrat) and costumes (the fuchsia suit for stand-out effect). This staged ploy had some success with her followers. Read the posts on Stefanik’s Facebook page, and you will see how many do not understand the process set forth for a judicial inquiry, and fell completely for this farce.

Fortunately, those more schooled in procedure saw it for what it was, and are now, more than ever, ready to stand behind Tedra Cobb in 2020.

Ms. Stefanik, you often speak of your desire for transparency. You have achieved it. We see right through you.





 Thanks to all

TO THE EDITOR: The family of the late Stanley Wojewodzic would like to express our sincere thanks to all of our extended families, relations, neighbors and friends who visited, helped and supported us through the loss of our loved one.

Special thanks to Dr. Charles Moisan and his staff, the staff of Elizabethtown Hospital, the Moriah Ambulance Squad, the New York State Police and Essex County Sheriff's Department, Harland Funeral Home and the Reverend Albert Hauser.
















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